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Perigee [bxb] | Bad Moon Book II

It's not often I turn my back to the moon. But for him, I'd make friends with the darkness.Or I'd fight it and all of its monsters.☾Nine months have passed since the Bad Moon. The gang's back and making their way to California to meet with Qamar concerning Ziya and the events of that night. There, in the luxurious Opulence Rose hotel, hundreds of wolves gather to celebrate the exposition. But a time for festivity could soon become the era of a new war.Will Jaylin be able to heal from the emotional lacerations of his recent hardships? Will he manage to find his way over the pain of his past to find happiness with Quentin Bronx, or will the beast in him only bring new chaos over his life?
Milf hunting In Another World

meet Y/n. a regular teenager, is what I would say, but the kid is a prodigy of a dancer and fighter and also partakes in an ancient practice, although unintentionally because of his stupid good looks, known as MILF huntinghowever he is suddenly pulled into a completely different world compared to that of his own, and now must fend for himself. from unknown dangers and thirsty cougars
Twisted Wonderland x Mairimashita! Iruma-kun!

After the tight fight to secure the throne for demon kings and because of that change their human side fully to demon side. Now, both Iruma and his twin will face something more challenging. Of course involved the invitation for a new school in different realm.What gonna happen now? This story will follow Iruma twin sister as she capture many boy heart. Well I pity those boys because they also need to compete wiyh a demon boys that want her affection.Although to be fair, they were no rule that say the demon king cannot have an Harem.
𝖕𝖔𝖕𝖚𝖑𝖆𝖗 | heartbreak high

popular.2022.oc x dusty/spider/malakai.
Malachai Parker or Henrik Mikaelson

In which Malachai gets sent back in time after his death (apparently, Cade is a fan of his work) and he meets the Mikaelson siblings at the Ball, unlocking memories of a past life. One where he went by the name, Henrik Mikaelson. It's just his luck he ends up falling for his former brother.
My Heaven's Flower || JJK 📔

when a rich spoiled bad boy Jeon Jungkook gets into an encounter with a Muslim girl and they become enemies so he bully her humiliates her and insults her in every possible way to make her lose her modesty and dignity, he bet on her that he will make her get on her knees for him like other girls he used to hangout with them but she remains firm on her Deen and it's teachings and keep her Tawakkul strong and it made him wonder and curious about her even more.The journey of Him " I don't believe in God " to " There is no God but Allah is the only one "she was the reason he found His right path and his Rab after losing her but His Rab will bless him with the most beautiful gift of his Life in an unexpected way.Achievements🏅🥇#1 Muslim stories 🏅#1 in viral stories🏅#1 in modest stories

"IMMORTAL 2 " E perfunduar✔Vazhdimi.....Armiq te nje gjaku 🩸
Cursed (Paranormal Romantic Suspense, Complete)

Rania Algafari never asked to be different, and when she escaped the war in Syria and moved to the UK, her only goal was to live her life in peace. Get up, go to work, avoid talking to the dead - that sort of thing.But not everyone dies quietly, and Rania's soon being pestered by one ghost, blackmailed by another, and distracted by a handsome private investigator who's got his own reasons for wanting to solve a particularly gruesome murder. While Will Lawson doesn't mind using unorthodox methods to crack a case, he's never had to contact his witnesses via a seance before. But the clock is ticking, and Will and his unlikely sidekicks need to hunt down a killer before he's dispatched to join the spirit world himself.

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redwood high school ryan x cookie

this is my first book and also i dont own any of the character here it all from ryguyrocky go check him out and yea so this about ryan going to redwood high school and no it not the first day it a few weeks into the school year.the art is by LB_Clockwork@LegoBronyClockwork

6.7K 39 21 Full
Neko Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko no Basuke)

Kuroko turns into a cat.GoM somewhat gathers.All hell break loose.-Completed-♡Kuroko no Basuke is not Mine♡♤Plot is mine♤♢Cover art is mine♢♧Neko!Kuroko♧

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Attached - Mallory Pugh/USWNT

{COMPLETE} 19 year old Morgana LaRue is the new kid on the national team, shinign brighter than anyone thought she ever would. She's enjoying her time with the time, except for the fact that she never liked another young star, Mallory Pugh. The childhood teammates have always had a one-sided rivalry that Morgana could never seem to ignore, and now that the duo is back on the field together, she has to learn to put it aside.

79.2K 41 1.3K Full
Life's Dream

The Procedure is a right of passage among Loraline's tribe. The Procedure is when the children of the tribe become infused with a predatorial animal's DNA to ensure their safety for when they grow up. Unfortunately, Loraline's Procedure came with a worse price than what her sister has to go through on a day-to-day basis. After Loraline begrudgingly completes her side mission, her life turns into this weird time loop where she "wakes up" in the past that she already lived.

10 3 2
The House

It is currently 1987, and the streets are busier than usual. You currently are in a paranormal club at Hillards Highschool. This month, the club is exploring a supposed haunted house. It's probably not haunted, or is it? Roleplay to find out? Idk just join.

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Tevun-Krus #10 - TKX: Best of 2014

Tevun-Krus celebrates its tenth issue by giving you the BEST YET: Sixteen original short stories from the subgenres of Tevun-Krus past.

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Mau tau cara bisnis property paling mudah? Tanpa harus mengeluarkan modal besar tapi tetap menguntungkan. Langsung saja ambil slot kerjasama property di anda bisa investasi property mulai 1 juta rupiah dengan keuntungan hingga 23 % per slotnya.

1 1 0
Err...Hi, I'm Josh. (JOSHLERRRRR)

Josh Dun, the awkward punk kid who is really nice and no one really likes.Tyler Joseph, The cool guy on the basket ball team who everyone has heard of.My first fanfic, probably going to be bad.

4.1K 24 216 Full
Brothers for life

"Poznali się przypadkiem.Każdy z nich chciał zostać kimś a dokładniej być w zespole,śpiewać.Udało się,stworzyli zespół,który stał się numerem jeden na całym świecie.Ich przyjaźń była piękna,wspierali się i rozumieli.Nawet było coś więcej ...Ale co kiedy jeden z nich postanowi wyjechać i zacząć nowe życie?Czy przyjaźń przezwycięży?Czy jest czas na miłość?Czy prawdziwe jest stwierdzenie *bracia na całe życie*?"Historia o zespole RoadTrip!Chcesz dowiedzieć się jak to wszystko się potoczy? Zapraszam do czytania!

302 4 61

Amber is a fox. A fox in a world of magical animals, each have a unique power. Like young Amber, who has the ability to levitate an inch off the ground and move more swiftly. She also has the ability to do powerful scratches. For Tourmaline's side of the story visit @Gummydabear, not yet written-Sorry.

19 3 4