KingTridents bad ass little princess

KingTridents bad ass little princess

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Hi my names Aurora im King Tridents youngest daughter most of you dont know who i am because my dear daddy( sarcasm much added ) is embarrassed by me and my sisters hate me . my father hates me because I'm not like my step sisters i dont wont to meet my soul mate and i dont want to be a princess and i hate it here im not allowed to do ANYTHING and i also hate that my father always compares me to my 7 step sisters Ariel , Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella, Alana.

my sisters hate me because my father cheated on there mother with the Queen the day there mother died . .it sucks living in the shadow of the magnificent daughters of Trident . My father has locked me away for my whole life,

but when my dad desides he dosent want me anymore he sends my to live with my mom in her kingdom. i was never told what my mother was but what i gathered from my father she was very powerful and a hybrid of all the magical creatures. but i never heard of what magical creatures she actually is so when i get to the mainland i find her, and my life grts turend upside down

what happens when i meet my mate that i do not want!! and he happens to be the prince of the underworld . one minute i hate him the next i wont to jump him and kiss him senseless.

im in for a hell of a ride

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WA 0821 7001 0763 Pintu Baja Fortress Vs Baja Ringan Di Bandung

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