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A mysterious biker moves in next to a woman and her two kids.

She's cautious about him at first, but comes to find out he had a gentle loving soul.

They become close and eventually fall for each other, but what she had yet to find out was that this man had a dark, bloody past.

And it was now coming back to get him, and everything he loves.

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Chenford shots🤭

Stories about Chenford what happened in the episodes with a little turn.
The Ultimate Demon Slayer Vol.1

this is the story of Ben Tennyson enters the world of demon slayerI do not own Ben 10 or Demon Slayer they belong to their respective ownersInspired by Ultimate ten's fanfic Ultimate FairyAlso the art work for the book cover is not mine it belongs to it's respective owner
I Hate You Too

When enemies Dallas Cooper and Amara Singh stage a fake relationship to get revenge on their exes, the last thing they're prepared for is their feud-ridden hatred turning into love. Season 1 of I Hate You Too***PRIDE READING EVENT: From June 10-23, you'll be entered to win Coins for every chapter you read from I Hate You Too! See details in the Pride Reading Event chapter.***Dallas Cooper hates Amara Singh. After their infamous feud over volleyball captain, she'd do anything to avoid her arch-nemesis. So when she's dumped by her first love, only to learn that her ex has moved on with none other than Amara's on-again, off-again ex-girlfriend, things feel like they can't get any worse. Except now Amara and Dallas have something in common. And with little risk and a lot to gain, they agree to a foolproof plan: pretend to be a couple to get revenge. As the unlikely duo spend time together, shocking the whole school with their picture-perfect romance, the line between ruse and real starts to blur. What happens when falling for each other is no longer part of an act? Will Dallas and Amara give in to their undeniable chemistry, or will their hatred-filled past and suspicious exes manage to tear them apart?***Weekly updates on Mondays and Wednesdays. Wait & read for free, or unlock with coins-the choice is yours!

Just a book where I'll share my art ^^Follow me on Insta where I'm more active! :DNO REPOSTLIKES AND COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS EXTREMELY APPRECIATED!
Future Stories, Ideas and Suggestions for anyone to try out if they want part 3

More ideas for anyone to try out, like my previous 2 books.
Clouds & Oceans

All about poetry.Clouds of unsaid words and ocean of thoughts.This is a transformation of a lady told in poetry.

Cass has no memories of her parents, only impossible dreams of waves and orcas and, sometimes, her mother's voice. When she and her adopted aunt return to the Pacific Northwest island--where her parents died twelve years before--Cass hopes the place will trigger long-buried memories. Instead, she discovers that the impossible is real, and that history is about to repeat itself. Unless she can stop it. ***Teaser*** The water hit with such a shock of cold that Cass thought she was going to pedal up and out of it again like some cartoon character. Instead, she flailed and splashed and smashed one arm against a piling as salt water poured into her raincoat & filled her shoes. "How do you like it?" Jason yelled. She spun until she could make out his form, black against gray sky. "What?" she sputtered. She dragged one arm from the water long enough to shove wet hair from her face. Jason became clearer: black hair dark above his yellow raincoat, arms crossed over his chest. "What the hell are you talking about?" "I asked how you like it, going for a swim in this water." She was open-mouthed with disbelief. It was a bad idea; a surge lifted her and slapped salt water into her mouth. Bile burned her throat as she coughed and all the while she was still flailing at the water, fighting the drag of shoes and clothes to keep afloat. She should kick them off-that's what you were supposed to do if you fell into the ocean with your clothes on-but she was only a dozen feet from the dock. Besides, it was her only coat. Jason watched her the way she'd watch a barracuda. "I know you're following me." "Following you?" What. The. Hell. She gave a mighty kick and tossed her coat onto the dock. Jason just stood there. "I nearly drowned last week, you know that? Now you show up as if nothing happened." "Last week," Cass said slowly, "I was in Argentina." Whatever he'd seen, it wasn't her.
Wife, Please Stop Running Away!/Жена, пожалуйста прекрати убегать!

[Предупреждение: это BL (boys love). Если вы не хотите читать его, Пожалуйста, игнорируйте историю. 18 + имеет содержание для взрослых (NSFW). Пожалуйста, читайте на свой страх и риск.]Лин Миан Миан, 23 года, погиб в автокатастрофе. Он был переселен в мир, где есть три пола: мужской, женский и гер. Гер-мужчины, которые могут носить детей и рожать, как женщины. Чтобы отличать мужчин от геров, геры имеет эту красную метку, называемую киноварью, которая соответствует их плодовитости: чем темнее красный, тем выше способность зачать. Линь Миань Миань был перенесен в тело гэра со светлой киноварью. Его первый раз после переселения, Лин Миан Миан был атакован красивым извращенцем!- Давай сделаем это, детка. Пора делать детей, - незнакомец убрал пальцы, оставив широкий зазор к выходу.Lin Mian Mian:???!

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Totally Ask & Dare Dreamswap

Hai. Give me some Ask & Dares for Dreamswap :3Warning: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARATERS! THE CHARACTERS BELONG TO ONEBIZARREKAI! Characters- Ds Ink Ds Dream Ds Blue Ds Cross Ds Nightmare Ds Error Champion (Dream's husky) Kevin ( Nightmare's chicken) Me I guess ( Fandom that's my name or that's what you can call me) Ds Reaper ( not gonna be part of the book much) Ds Carrot Randy Ani Ds x-Chara Bobby Hacker Finch

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To the future (forever changing)

It has only been the first year for the Class 1-A students of U.A, yet there's already too much going on: making new friends, a few regrets, villain attacks, festivals, and... shenanigans?! Eraserhead is way too underpaid for this. Nezu refuses to give him a raise. The damn rat. Or, how the heroes deal with everything revolving around the League of Villains and the enigma that is Midoriya Izuku.Image does not belong to me! Part 3 of Their opinions (matter) series.

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Babysitting You

A boy named Hajime has a older brother Izuru who works alot and barely has time to spend with his younger brother. As sometimes over protective over his brother's safety, he decides to find him a babysitter, not caring about his age. Little does he know, there's a secret carrying around with that babysitter.Highest Ranking: (No longer updating)#6- Komahina 9/13/19#3- Danganronpav2 2/13/20#310- Danganronpa 9/18/20#5- IzuruKamukura 7/27/20#2- HajimeHinata 6/24/20#13- NagitoKomaeda 7/26/20

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All art that I've created and saved.Except the Henry Stickmin art, that has its kind of own bookArt is also posted on deviantart and tumblr

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Sans X Possessed!Reader

When Chara posseses you in the Genocide Route and you're caught between your love for a certain skeleton and obeying Chara, how will you fix your deeds?

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my boring days with class 1-A (rehab)

ok my second story and its rehab bnha or mha bla bla bla shitsim not good at words so please read my this story is about the three idiots who got arrested by the heroes even damn endehoe is there. the three idiots met principal nezu but to be honest nezu and one of those three idiots are friends!?... do you now who? guess it who is principal nezu's old friend....(ill be editing this story)

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The story of the Ice hashira.

This is base on demon slayer. All the charter are not mine except for the oc. Credits to Koyoharu Gotouge who made demon slayer. I have bad writing aslo am uploading this by the moblie website. Warnings: a bit of self harm,gore,posblie 13+, attempt of suic!de,blood, aslo swareing. Don't read this your not 13 and up or uncomfortable with this topics. And non of the art is mine.

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I Bet ( Cheating!Ciel x Reader )

Everyone thought Y/N and Ciel were the perfect couple. But only she knew , he was a cheating liar. No one knew except her.I have this story on Quotev as well. My username's (@.abolish)

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Mephiles's Greatest Challenge

Mephiles is a high school student with a rather rough life. His parents argue all the time. His dad drinks too much. He's mercilessly bullied. To top it all off, he learns something that will make his life a lot more challenging. Can he overcome these obstacles?(Contains language, ships, and a few OC's)

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Top Gun Imagines

All Imagines are about Top Gun and are mine you can also find them on Tumblr.

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