Kids of The Maiden Godesses

Kids of The Maiden Godesses

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Hey guys! It's me VoldemortOnTheArgoII! This is a story about me and my Wattpadd friends! I'm using all four Maiden goddesses for four wattpadd friends. But don't worry. Since I have 7 people I wanna include, I'll add the other 3 as big 3 Kids. Anyways here's the real summary!Also Athena doesn't have any kids!

FOUR MOTHERS were dying slowly. they were carrying children of the gods. after being poisined by a chimera, there dying wishes where that their four children to be cared for by the four Maiden goddesses.

ARTEMIS was out with her hunters. she thinks of them more as sisters then daughters. although her maiden hood vows, she wishes to become a parent. she finally gets the opportunity when one of four mothers wishes for her to take care of her daughter.

HERA wishes her children would appreciate her. I mean who does appreciate her? no one anymore. the only person who appreciates her was dying by chimera poison. hera finally seeks the chance to become the mother she was destined to be when her only friend wishes for her to take care of her baby girl.

HESTIA envies her fellow maidens. they are very ungrateful. Hera has her own kids and Artemis has her hunters. Athena gets a high rank and holds her chin up high, to busy for kids. but she who has nothing to do, can not have a child to raise or to accompany her. when a monster seeing mortal who befriends her suddenly dies she is devastated. but her friend left her with her baby boy to look after, whose wishes came true?

ATHENA would never let anyone know. never in a million years. it would be the death of her. so she holds her chin up high and keeps her secret to herself. but when her only friend who knows her secret passes away slowly and leaves her daughter in her hands, is this an excuse or a punishment?

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~~Zombie Area~~Judul Asli: ๅฅณ็Ž‹ๆญธไพ†ไน‹ๆœซไธ–้‡็”ŸPenulis: Liu JinyuEpisode: 117Status: CompleteLong Xian terlahir kembali, terlahir kembali dalam kiamat;Yunqi adalah putri Grup Yun dan pewaris Grup Yun, tetapi ditipu oleh ayahnya untuk mentransfer semua hartanya kepada ayahnya Shen Huarong;setelah kiamat, tidak hanya pacarnya dibawa pergi oleh saudara tirinya Shen Yue, tapi dia juga diberikan kepada putra direktur pangkalan oleh ayahnya untuk diajak bermain, dan akhirnya didorong ke dalam gerombolan zombie oleh Shen Yue;Long Xian terlahir kembali di Yun Qi, dan kiamat belum tiba. Ketika itu terjadi;ketika Yun Qi yang pengecut berubah menjadi Long Xian yang jahat, kejam, dan bijaksana, segalanya akan berbeda;ketika matahari menghilang, dunia menjadi gelap, dan kedinginan mengancam keselamatan manusia sepanjang waktu ;Tanpa sinar matahari, tanaman tidak akan mampu bertahan hidup. Bagaimana jadinya dunia jika suhu tiba-tiba turun hingga minus 50 derajat?Ketika kerabat, teman, teman sekelas, kekasih, dan anak-anak di sekitar Anda berubah menjadi zombie jelek, dunia gelap umat manusia yang sesungguhnya telah tiba!Di akhir dunia, tumbuhan tidak akan bisa bertahan hidup, zombie ada dimana-mana, dan ketika persediaan makanan terbatas...Di akhir dunia, untuk bertahan hidup, manusia bisa menginjak-injak umat manusia, pengkhianatan , pengkhianatan, dan sikap dingin menantang batas kemampuan manusia sepanjang waktu!'Orang-orang kaya' yang biasanya menyendiri dan sombong itu berlutut di pinggir jalan dengan ekspresi menyedihkan, hanya agar ada yang bisa memberi mereka sepotong roti;di akhir dunia, segala sesuatu mungkin terjadi. Jika Anda ingin bertahan hidup di dunia Di ujung dunia, kamu pasti lebih bengis dan keji dari yang lain...

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