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KIDNAPPED BY THE AGENT | Project Callister Book One

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#1 in humor, action, and romance

❝Octavia Snow, you're going to have to come with me,❞ the stranger said with an amused look.
❝No thanks, I'm really not a big fan of kidnapping.❞
❝Sorry Cupcake. You don't have a choice.❞


OCTAVIA SNOW is a sassy, sarcastic, and perpetually hungry college student who is kidnapped by the CIA.
ACE BLACKWELL is the leader of this highly deadly team, not to mention, he's the one who decided to kidnap Octavia.

Together, a world-renowned agent, an infamous thief, a powerful mafia leader, a deadly assassin...and a teenage girl are forced to work together to stop the crime of the century.

"By far my favorite book on wattpad."
"My new standard of guys is Ace Blackwell."
"I'm laughing, I'm crying, and I'm loving this."

Started in December 2017

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