Kevin's Baby

Kevin's Baby

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Category: Romance
"Well I think the best option is that we should get married" I said breaking the silence.

"Have you lost your mind" she yelled at me.

"Look I know this is not easy for you but..." I spoke but was interrupted by her.

"Kevin do you even realize that you have ruined my dreams and now you want me to marry you" anger dripping from her voice.

"Just think about the baby right now, it's our responsibility to give it a good life" I said controlling my anger.

"Today I saw disappointment in my parents eyes for me and it's all because of you" she replied ignoring what I said.

I sighed.

I won't take a no.


Ashley Lewis is a beautiful, childish girl. She is a princess to her parents, everyone adores her. Everything is perfect in her life but she never thought that her life will take such a turn that will bind her with Kevin Diaz her childhood friend the super hot billionaire.

Will Ashley and Kevin ever find their happily ever after?

Or will this new bond of husband and wife ruin their innocent friendship?


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#55 in romance on 7th March 2020.

Previously titled as "Billionaire's Baby"

Cover by @Endlessheights-

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