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Kep1er is a South Korean girl group formed through the Mnet reality survival competition show Girls Planet 999 in 2021 and managed by Swing Entertainment and Wake One Entertainment.

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IZ*ONE x IZ*ONE Requests are welcome. You know, this used to say "Don't break up Annyeongz," but I've already broken that rule on SEVERAL occasions, so yeah. My average word count in this book (chapters that are ONESHOTS not including A/Ns) is about 2036 words. The lowest amount of words is 422 and the highest is 9436. The longer (and more well-written) oneshots tend to be more toward the end, as with every day, I like to think that I get better at writing.!NEVER UPDATES. LIKE. EVER. GET READY FOR ANGUISH, MY FRIENDS, BECAUSE IT'S GOING TO BE QUITE A RIDE! (i. e. randomest updates in the randomest of times get ready for suffering)[HIGHEST RANKING: #7 eunbi, 1/18/2021] [HIGHEST RANKING: #1 annyeongz, 2/22/2021] [HIGHEST RANKING: #3 chaekura, 3/7/2021] [HIGHEST RANKING: #1 yenyul, 4/10/2021] [HIGHEST RANKING: #2 hitomi, 4/12/2021]
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this is basically a book that is 18+ if you don't like anything that has to do with sexual stuff please do not read!!!!!!If you're not much more not to read this book and please do not read.
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This book is published for two reasons:1. Because I love these girls and I just randomly came up with some short plots to write.2. To promote them to more people because they're very talented and they've got such potential. So please support them <3

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❝i've never experienced such happiness due to a person that doesn't exist.❞[ #2 in random on 10/3/17 ][ completed on 3/8/17 , thank you for 1 million ♡ ]

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