Kanan and Hera love story

Kanan and Hera love story

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Category: Romance
This love story follows Hera and Kanan, and they will do anything for each other.

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*May be triggering; I love you*I love these. These are simultaneously a big part of my life and my biggest secret I guess haha. They give me a feeling of community, like I'm not alone. These books make me happy, isn't that odd? But they do. And now I'm full of all this quote-worthy material, and I wanna share it with y'all. I'm just gonna say that I take NO CREDIT FOR ANYTHING IN THIS BECAUSE THE THINGS IN MY HEAD PROBABLY AREN'T ACTUALLY MINE K?If you have anything you want in this, or ever want to talk; about anything *pretend 'anything' is in italics*; just tap the little envelope :)Here goes...
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โ” something wonderful that I could not be.bradley bradshaw // topgun: maverickโ˜†romanovana | 2022
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A story of a boy this is. A boy who only knew all his life was about nothing. Paying off a debt he never knew how he got it. Constantly the top fighter to bet for or against. The toy for a yakuza to mess with.That was until, he is suddenly turned against them. Betrayed by the yakuza, brutally murdered along with his "best friend".But at the brink of death, he learns that this best friend of his is nothing more than a demon. One of the most powerful and most feared demons in history.Alastor.In a pact, they agreed to become one at some point. The boy rose from his disposal, and he got his revenge.He slaughtered and massacred the entire yakuza that turned their backs against him, as if he was truly a monster.That morning, the boy is met by a girl. A beautiful one too. She was a devil. She offered him a new chance to live, a new chance to fulfill the life he never had.This story is simply about a young teenage boy, who lives a new life, new friends, and a new path.Love. Betrayal. War. Harems. Pure Chaos.This is the story of Hajime Akamizu, the Fallen Red Eyed King.WARNING!I do NOT own High School DxD or any photos, gifs or videos in this book!Unless AI is used.ANOTHER NOTE!This is a clean-up version of the original story.
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From the bustling streets of Mumbai, can kirti a shy girl with a troubled past, find love with Vikram Rajput, the domineering CEO who dismisses love as a myth? As their accidental marriage binds them together, will they dare to let down their guard and give love a chance, discovering that their hearts may hold the key to true happiness?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Most impressive rankings#3 accidental love#1 whirlwind romance#1 unlikely couple#4 accidental marriage

Idalia has been abused ever since she was 3 years old. When she thought things couldn't get any worse and nothing was going to change, she ran. She ran until she she was safer than ever before. Little did she know, fate had awaited this moment for 10 years...The Morreli Mafia men. Heartless. Cold. Dark. The only light in their life was their little girl. They searched but only now have they found her.Can she open up to her past and let her long lost family in? Or will fear consume her?[[No pictures are mine! Also please do not copy or hate on this story, I am trying. Thanks!]]

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Spencer and Trina - now a new couple - enjoy a day out in the sun. Until a sudden shower shows up, prompting one of them to see the other in a new light.

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TAKEN FOR A FOOL โ” bradley bradshaw

โ” something wonderful that I could not be.bradley bradshaw // topgun: maverickโ˜†romanovana | 2022

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Passing people with empty faces in crowded halls, showing that fake smile of hers. She hid all the stories of every night behind that smile she has mastered in past couple of years. She is Jade Martin, a 17 year old girl living life in a mask and pretending to be someone she is not. And she is there, not having a tad bit of belief in love. Find out the story of Jade, how she passes days without love and how her life changes. Will she be able to get rid of the echoes?

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