Just The Right Black

Just The Right Black

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Category: Romance
Ariana Feilman an FBI special agent was just assigned a new case to protect a billionaire. She doesn't know why her boss - Jack Penn - gave her the job for a rank lower than hers, but she's sure he has a reason. She can't wait to find out what the not-so-secretive job is all about.

Jace Black recently found out his step-brother's not-so-secretive plan of getting rid of him to have their father's company. He told the one person he could trust, Jack Penn, Director of the FBI, and his best friend. Now Jack has assigned his best agent to protect him.

How would Jace feel when he realizes who Jack has assigned to protect him?

Will Ariana still protect him when she finds out the truth?

Will they part ways unattached after her job is done?

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