Just as Manly { K I R I B A K U }

Just as Manly { K I R I B A K U }

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Bakugou Katsuki owns a bar and Kirishima Eijrou works at a small coffee shop. Bakugou is loud, abrasive and rude while Kirishima is kind, patient and gentle. These two seem like they are nothing alike but that is wrong. Both of these men are trans ftm (female to male) and gay.

What will happen when Bakugou's secret about being trans and gay gets out and people stop coming to his bar? Will Kirishima watch from the side lines as a fellow LGBTQ+ member is taken down or will he step up and help him out?

This is has a lot of au's so I listed them all bellow:
-Deaf Bakugou AU
-Trans Bakugou AU
-Trans Kirishima UA
-No Quirks AU
-Aged Up AU

This also will have some side ships including:
-ShinKami (what did you except from me)
-Mina x Sero
-Uraraka x Iida
-Platonic! BakuOcha

PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU PLEASE! RESPECT SIDE SHIPS! I get if you ship others together then just act like they are shipped with someone else but I am tired of getting hate comments because they don't ship the same side ships I do. It gets annoying and honestly it's hurtful. So please respect side ships not just for my books but for others too.

-LGBTQ+ content (shouldn't have to be warned)
-Homophobic/transphobic jerks
-All the best MHA ships (my opinion)
-BAD spelling and grammar

The cover art IS mine but the actual images used aren't. Credit goes to the original creator.

You may use my book cover or the collage bellow it but only if you credit me.


New chapter every Tuesday unless I post early

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