Jealousy Kills

Jealousy Kills

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I glare at him, "I gave you information, so you let me go. That was the deal."

He raises an eyebrow, "Are you forgetting who you're talking to? Watch your tone."

"I will not watch my fucking tone, I want to leave, you told me I could leave." It's like I really did forget who I was talking to and the situation I was in, I currently didn't care, I just wanted out.

His eyes darkened as he strolled up to me, grabbing my chin to meet his face. "Watch yourself Camille, you're in my territory right now, one wrong move and I could snap your neck like a twig. Got it?"

I nod cautiously. "Good, now out."


Camille Ali wasn't looking for trouble. She wasn't looking for anything, she was just living her everyday life. That was until she stumbled upon him, that's when her life was turned around.

Getting yourself involved with a gang leader isn't something that's supposed to just happen. But it does, uncovering danger, secrets from her past, and love?

est. 2017
fin. 2020

highest ranking: #1 in dealer 2/19/21

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