It started with you

It started with you

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"What's so bad about me? Why do you hate me so much!"
I yell at him through my tears and his body stiffens. He slowly turns around and walks towards me. The pain in his eyes run as deep as mine and for some reason I pity him.

"You have no right to be crying right now! You are so fucking heartless! you don't even know why I hate you? Isn't it obvious? God you're so stupid Baylor! I fucking hate you!" He yells the last part as his hands clench into fist slamming against the wall above my head and I thought for sure he was going to hit me.

"Whatever I did that was so bad I'm sorry! Asher I am so sorry!" I cry and his eyebrows furrow together as he stares at me confused. Then he does something I've never seen him do; he cries.


Baylor Campbell- sensitive, puts way too much guilt on herself, and is constantly haunted by what happened to her two months ago.

Asher hill- despises Baylor with everything he has. But bay doesn't know why. Also best friends with Baylors brother, Cameron.

So when cam offers their extra room to Asher, things get heated between him and Baylor. And fast.

Secrets are told, hearts are ripped out, and an unlikely friendship might make a slight peek through all their hatred.
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