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Loving President Cruzan (GxG)

(COMPLETD) Andrea Vasquez or known as Drane only wants to study in peace inside Midnight University. Her life was totally normal and peaceful until she met the total opposite of herself, President Faye Allistair Cruzan the most reputable SSG President in Midnight University who actually is building a soft spot for her. (University series #2)
Misteryo ng Dormitoryo

" Hi! I'm Ryel, a college student who went to Manila to study. I was able to find a dormitory, but when I moved here, I didn't know that I would face a mystery in this dormitory. Do not be afraid ! Come with me to face and investigate the phenomena in a Hunted Dorm.Dormitory shrouded in mystery, many hidden secrets will be revealed. "
The Mystery of Scarlett

Scarlett has always been a mystery in the world of Lux, where supernaturals live in uneasy alliances and in kingdoms. The fae with fae, werewolves with werewolves, and so on. Your kingdom is chosen for you based on species, and nobody knows what species Scarlett is. So she is bound by no rules and by no kingdom. For 3 years Scarlett dropped off the radar, nobody could find her and the world of Lux is turned upside when Scarlett returns unexpectedly and when Damien, King of the Werewolves,finds out that Scarlett is his soulmate...
The Mafia Principessa

( Finished 🎉 )( Age gap )Jasmine Ross is a 4 year old girl. She kind, sweet, gentle and beautiful, but dose not have a good childhood, she been abused by her aunt Iris and her boyfriend Max.But one day she's has enough of the abusing and decided to runaway.John Russo is the most fearful ruthless Mafia Itlian boss everyone fears him. He's doesn't think twice about killing someone, but he loves his family. John has 5 sons, him and his son's,and wife always wanted a girl in their family.One day Mr. Russo went to America for a business trip...until he ment Jasmine.Will The Russo's keep Jasmine?Will Jasmine bring light to the Russo's?What will happen?Authors note: This is my very first book, so I'm very sorry if I miss up or something, and sorry if I mess up the transition because I'm using a translator. I'll try my best to post once or twice a week.Warnings:BloodAbusingTortureKillingBad wordsStarted: March 9, 2023Finished: July 26, 2023
Very Wrong Reincarnation: Isekai with Game Nation

A college student with the name of Oliver was reincarnated in another world together with the nation he formerly created in a game that he abandoned a long time ago and needed to survive in, the war-torn and barbaric world of Pandora, which is 4.7 times larger than Earth. A weak nation will be swallowed in a mere instant by overwhelming force or be subservient to the strong.Will Oliver, as the leader of his game nation, prevail in this chaotic world? Or succumb and be crushed by the sheer challenges this world poses.Edit: Some chapters have strong violence, gore, and, to some extent, sexual themes. So be warned.

❝This is just my truth,❞

DAGANI BABU TAMBAYA Gajeren Labarine na wata matarda ta auri bako Wanda baasan Asalinsa ba, labarine Mai abun al'ajabi, rikitarwa da kuma kalubalen Rayuwa.
The Damned Holies (The Fallen Wars 1)

Angels. Cute, little Heavenly beings, right? Wrong. The angels, all sixteen of them, have been exiled from Heaven. They fell to Earth and crave revenge on God, hurting the things He loves the most; humans. They're immortal, superhumanly strong, impossibly fast, and unnaturally cunning. They're not humane; they are brutal beings who do not sympathize. They have waged a war with humanity for over two decades and Aimee Chevalier was placed right in the middle of it the second she was born. She is Nephilim; half angel, half human. She’s being hunted; all the human governments want her dead and the angels want her to help them take over the world by controlling or killing off the human race. She has been on the run, her adventures taking her all over the world while she tries to stay neutral and stay alive, but her time is close to expiration. Even the immortal run out of patience.

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The Monster's Creek

Five friends are sent to go on zany adventures to get their other friend Dan. If you love dogs, sharks, carnivorous plants and animals of every kind, this is the story for you! As you read, you will see wonderful, creepy, fun, exiting, and amazing things AND creatures. Explore the book as you imagine if YOU were in the story. Will they survive a DAY of this mob apocalypse? Jump in and start reading to find out!!!!

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The Fruit Of Grisaia: Kiyotaka's Dilemma

This is a Crossover between The Fruit Of Grisaia and COTE, mostly Kiyotaka Ayanokoji.The Story is set in Mihama Private Academy. Ayanokoji has been placed under a special programme from his father."Experience the real world." Kiyotaka Ayanokoji's dream... it had finally come true. He was given 2 years of freedom, specifically to experience the real world. But this was also an opportunity that formed from a stroke of luck that occurred due to his father and the white room currently experiencing both internal and external problems. He is sent under the supervision of a case officer known as Yuria Harudera, who for the most part, is his guardian and can decide what he's going to do. Ayanokoji requests that he wants to live a normal school life, even if only for 2 years. Yuria accepts his request and helps to enrol him into Mihama Private Academy. How will Ayanokoji spend his 2 years of freedom at this school and will he ever actually return to the white room? And will he form a bond with the students at this school?

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Loving President Cruzan (GxG)

(COMPLETD) Andrea Vasquez or known as Drane only wants to study in peace inside Midnight University. Her life was totally normal and peaceful until she met the total opposite of herself, President Faye Allistair Cruzan the most reputable SSG President in Midnight University who actually is building a soft spot for her. (University series #2)

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Carina was tired of waiting for a groom who wasn't interested in her. Deciding that she's had enough, Carina leaves the only home she's ever known to forge her own path. But she's not prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. A life of free choices, a talking horse, a prince, and a king of a dark kingdom challenge her at every turn. When Carina is hurt and has nowhere else to turn, she must make a choice: return home and apologize to her family and the prince she left behind or run away and pretend nothing happened after she left.

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SOA Preferences


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On Our Way

When a young British boy, vacationing in Poleland, gets trapped by the Nazi Invasion, all he wants is to go home. When he meets a Jewish girl, he takes her along. Following the Nazi Invasion force into France, they pick up a French Solider who escaped from a prison camp and a Nazi who defected to join the Allies. Just when they think they are out of trouble, they find themselves in the midst of the Second World War, and the only way home is to join up and fight the Nazis. Easy? Not so. Coming soon!

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Growlithe and Arcanine

Fifth 'what if pokemon couldn't evolve' story. Today the professor talks about growlithe and arcanine, as well as mentioning vulpix&ninetails, charmander&charmeleon, and houndour&houndoom. I wrote this a long time ago.

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And it was called the Glade

I'm bored, I write

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My Strongest Fighter (under reconstruction)

After being thrown out from his own home of rich wealthy family and joining street fights to survive his way along meeting to people that were his friends. Now he has turn his life around. Levi ackerman is a sensie of the survey corps martial arts academy and teacher of his own students.He is top fighter in the survey corps and fearless one of all. Everything seem going well until he meets her. Liz tiku daughter Haruki tiku who is a famous book author and fashion designer and the father is Jem tiku a professional photographer. She's later taken in by his master Rou Jin to help her train and work at the dojo for the time being while being disguise. Then the encounter of Armin being bullied leads them to be reunited again and has levi fallen in love with her? Will this effect his past and the upcoming tournament together? What obstacles will challenge Levi in his new chapter of life?

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My Crystal- Jotaro X Reader

You moved to Japan at a young age, because of a traumatic occurrence.You went to school, hung out with your best friends and trained your stand in secret.Somehow you've been noticed by the school delinquent Jotaro Kujo.But why when you've never even talked to him?Some yandere!Jotaro X Reader

300 5 5