Intoxication babes ( Euphoria x reader )

Intoxication babes ( Euphoria x reader )

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What the title says. I take requests for oneshots and all of that jazz.

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Is it ok for me to fight? (LOOKISM x MALE reader)

You the reader shall embark on a journey..Making new friends and enemies along the way THE REBOOT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED,GO CHECK IT OUT!LOOKISM does not belong to me or any of the pictures here!!!
50's , 60's , 70's , 80's , 90's links mtl

here are the links of the stories i posted before.... credits to the author. pls dont reportthose marked with 😉 I'm done reading
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I possessed the cliché villainess.It was Mary Conler, a villainess who was eventually exiled out of the country for harassing the female lead.Being abducted at birth, once she returned from the orphanageShe was called the troublemaker of the Grand Duke Conler's Family.Being thrown away by her father and brothers who held no affection for her.I made a resolution.Let's live as quietly as a dead mouse, then run away to a foreign country with some living funds.But it's weird.My dad, who I thought didn't love Mary, suddenly became a fool for her daughterMy brothers clung to me,One of my goofy cousins was growling with my fiancé.My fiancé, the prince, was angry at the idea of breaking off the engagement,And the original heroine asked me to run away with her.I guess I became a nuisance in a slightly different way?Why the hell were they being so nice to me?My dream is to be single!STORY NOT MINEOFFLINE PURPOSE ONLYoriginal Author: 齐成琨
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The Divine woman Draupadi was born as the eternal consort of Panadavas. But we always fail to treasure things which we get easily. Same happened with the Panadavas. Draupadi's utter devotion towards them made them totally neglecting towards her. A time soon came when they forgot about the woman who is behind all their fame, power, luck. Draupadi has five sons from each Pandavas.Prativindhya from YudhisthirSutasoma from BheemsenShrutakarma and later Abhimanyu from ArjunSatanika from Nakul Shrutasena from SahadevFive princes have seen their mother suffer from the very beginning. Their heart filled with rage and vengeance seeing their beloved mother humiliated in the Dyut Sabha. Panchal kingdom and Vasudev Krishna were able to save her from the humiliation. But it left the most selfless woman shaken. She vowed to not let them disrespect her again. Never let them take her for granted.Draupadi with her sons left Indraprastha. An uncertain future, adventure, emotional dilemma awaits the mother and sons. A story of betrayal, vengeance, war, blood, relationship and love. Will Draupadi ever forgive the Pandavas?***(1) in Draupadi (18/06/23)******(1) in Krishna (26/09/23)***
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"The name on the card was non other than Vivian."The journey of Vivian's normal happy life changing, due to these specific words, to a crazy happy life...________________________________NUESTRA ESTRELLA (Our Star ~ Spanish)Vivian Smith, a 22 year old sweet, kind, mischievous and talented girl who has a perfect family with her parents and an elder, annoying brother. Being one of the best event planners and interior designers at her young age, she's living a happy, normal and amazing life. But maybe that normal isn't normal anymore.William García Martinez, ex-mafia don and father of six kids, five boys and one lost little angel. But maybe that angel isn't lost anymore.Five brothers, Callan, Lucas, Roman, River and Rian, barely remembering the little angel they couldn't hold for long. Their hearts having a little empty feeling, longing for their lost princess. But maybe that longing isn't a longing anymore.Follow Vivian on her journey of life as she finds the truth about her birth, shifts to a whole new life with a whole new family and has the usual ups and downs of life. And maybe finds love on the way as well._________________________________The story contains mild swearing and violence._________________________________The first few chapters are not my best work so please don't mind them. Also please don't ignore this story just because of the first few chapters. It gets better. Believe me.I'll rewrite the first few chapters once I've completed the story but please till then, ignore the writing skills in those chapters since I was new to writing then._________________________________Story starting date : 25 February 2021Story ending date : hopefully soon
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One day, Axel finds a cardboard box on the sidewalk while walking home. It reads "Copy and Paste" What is it? What will Axel do? Show his friends, mom, or dad? Well, you might be surprised at what happens.

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// I OBVIOUSLY DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS EXCEPT FOR LILAC EVANS WHO IS LILY'S TWIN SISTER ; THEY RIGHTFULLY BELONG TO JK ROWLING \\ ---What if Harry had another aunt? What if Harry Potter had asked the Malfoys how to enter platform 9 and 3/4 instead of the Weasleys? What if Harry just shook Draco's hand and accepted his friendly offer? What if Harry really did get into Slytherin? And what if Ginny used amortentia to win Harry over?--In this book, I use famous/popular/well known Harry Potter fans' theories, and make a story completely different with Harry's friends and choices. The storyline will remain the same just the characters will be switched up.PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO COPY MY IDEAS, I HAD GOTTEN INSPIRED BY OTHER USERS BUT THEY NEVER MADE/WROTE A STORY; THIS IDEA IS PURELY MY IDEA, IF YOU COPY OR STEAL YOU ARE AGAINST PLAGIARISM.

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"Are you awake, yet? It's almost noon." I heard the sharp sound of a female's voice say suddenly.Startled, I looked towards the direction of the voice. Glaring back at me with piercing green eyes was a tall woman with porcelain skin and long, silver hair. * * *An edited version of the original post-apocalyptic story.(When the Stars Came Down)a female heroinetwinkling lightsa violent bloba space warriora portalmagic pillsa dreamSet a couple hundred years after the third world war, the protagonist resides in New Canada, a blossoming nation based upon technology. However, she discovers an unsettling truth._MadeInSpace_

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kakashi x reader


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Rin Okumura alongside his twin sibling Yukio was raised by a lofty cleric name Shiro Fujimito. As time cruised by, Rin was amazed when he discovered that his natural dad was really Satan. Living on the boundary between the human world called Assiah and evil presence world known as Gehema, Rin vow to turn into a definitive exorcist and expect to battle his own dad.

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