Intolerable Civility

Intolerable Civility

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Category: Historical
With her reputation in tatters and a baby to look after, Catherine Balley is given a single chance at redemption: marry the man she once betrayed, a man who has every reason to hate her.

* * * * *

Seduced, ruined, and abandoned, Cate spends her days looking after her illegitimate baby, Luke, and trying not to think about the past she lost and the future she will now never have. When David Demery, the man she was once engaged to, offers to honour his promise and marry her, Cate cannot refuse: it is the only chance she will ever have to repair her reputation and protect Luke's future. But just because Demery is willing to marry her doesn't mean he's willing to love her: she broke his heart once, and he is determined not to let her do it again. Even if this time Cate's own heart is at risk of breaking too.

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