Into The Future [Mxtx+Erha/2ha]

Into The Future [Mxtx+Erha/2ha]

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Category: Fanfiction
What if Svsss, Hob/Tgcf, Mdzs and Erha/2ha get to react to their past selves? I had seen some characters reacting to their shows or series before and I decided to make one here!

Disclaimer: none of these novels belong to me! Svsss, Hob/Tgcf and Mdzs belong to Mxtx 墨香铜臭 and erha belong to Meatbun Doesn't Eat Meat肉包不吃肉

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Jiang Cheng and Lan WangJi....They do NOT get along.Even after Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi marry, even after Jiang Cheng and Wei WuXian talk with one another about everything and fix all the remaining misunderstanding, even after Wei WuXian begs his brother and husband to TRY and get along-They do not like one another.The one thing they both have in common is their protectiveness of Wei WuXian.The only thing that can get them to work together is Wei WuXian- that to- if he's in danger.So, when the two are in another one of their fights while Wei WuXian babysits- they just happen to use spiritual energy activating too many of wei wuxian's unfinished or failed tailsman and manage to find themselves back in the body of their 15 year old selves during the lectures at Cloud takes a while for them to stop fighting and realize what accidental chance they've been given.And now- these two brother in laws have to work together to save their friends and family of the trauma and torture-Easier said than done.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------This is a story I am writing on AO3
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One typical, ordinary morning, the entirety of the cultivation world awaken in a strange room resembling that of the Burial Mounds. Wei Wuxian, as usual, is the prime suspect for their mysterious appearance. Although..."Shijie...?""A-Xian!" "Wei Ying!" "Wei Wuxian!"What entity transported them into that strange room, and for what purpose? And someone PLEASE explain to Jiang Wanyin why Wen Ruohan is having the time of his life right now..!!And most importantly, why is both Wei Wuxian's past AND thoughts being broadcasted to everyone? And why, for the last time, are all of the supposedly-dead people (including the bad guys) alive again?Or: The characters of Mo Dao Zu Shi watch Mo Dao Zu Shi-Art is not mine.#1theuntamed 25/06/22#1watching 02/06/23
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everyone was out and about doing their own thing when all of a sudden they were transported into a large room, the room was the size of a small apartment, they had no idea what was going on until a weird-looking girl pops out of nowhere and made them (read forced) to react to some stuff that may or may not have already happened(this takes place two and a half years after the whole ordeal at the Guanyin temple yes Lan Zhan and Wei Ying are married *cue fangirl noises*)This is book one of the ✨ reaction chain ✨
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✯Finished✯In this AU, Wei Ying was adopted into the Gusu Lan Sect by Lan Qiren. Following the events of facing trauma and realization of feelings. On how much this vad person named Wei Ying stirs up trouble so much it just brings smiles. Wait, smiles?Ranks#1 modaozushi 9/28/21#1 lanhuan 9/29/21#1 grandmasterofdemoniccultivation 10/20/21#1 lanlingjin 11/05/21#1 jiangcheng 11/06/21#2 canondivergence 11/18/21#1 yunmengjiang 11/19/21
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One day, Xie Lian was in the mortal realm, he saved a young child from fierce dogs! And now the child calls him 'Baba'?!?Xie Lian, 'I'm barely able to support myself... how am i going to be able to raise a child. It might just be burdensome for the child.'Wei Ying, 'Baba! Baba! I'ma stay with Baba forever!'Hua Cheng, 'Dianxia has a child...?' *petrified due to shockThe story of a seven year old Wei Ying adopted by Hua Cheng and Xie Lian. I got this idea by reading @rianne322008 's story "A Special Family". Her story is also an amazing one depicting a lovely family. And I starved for more. So here I am, in another version of Wei Ying getting adopted by Hua Cheng and Xie Lian. It won't differ much from the original novels, but since I'll be combining the two, there'll be new events and situations. Yes, most of what happened in the novels will happen. BUT the story after the Burial mounds siege will be quite different. *wink winkThe credits of the novel details go to Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, the original author of two amazing novels, "Mo Dao Zu Shi" and "Tian Guan Ci Fu", the two novels which this story will be based on. Hope you all MXTX fans can enjoy it!! Note: Russian Translation of this fic can be read right here! Translated by UserLisaveta
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What happened if Wei Ying was banished and discarded from the whole cultivating world and everyone including Lan Zhan turned their backs on him. They all easily believed the lies and rumours about Wei Ying spread by the enemies. What will happen if they meet up again after 5 and a half years. Is there still hope for the two of them or there's no hope for them to be together. As they faced new challenges between the different realms

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