Internal Misery : The lost emotion

Internal Misery : The lost emotion

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Category: Fantasy
Sucy, also know as unlucky by everyone in town meets a black cat which looks similar to her dead cat, Lilith. The surprising thing is that the cat can talk and asks her to come in a contract with him. Unexplainable things start to occur and Sucy finds herself surrounded by the black cat in his human form. Sucy finds out that she's not Sucy!

Hi readers I'm a new Wattpad writer so let me know when things get cringey or weird,
I've written this after watching alot of k-dramas, playing games like genshin impact, honkai starrail, honkai impact and many more.
This was mostly inspired through webtoons.

Hope you enjoy this,
-The writer

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Que pasara cuando ciertos personajes se enteren de las aventuras de sus contra-partes ademas de los cambios en algunos hechos de sus vidas contados mediante un libro

"Lemme find out, imma kill you" "ImMa KiLL yOu"
Gemini Lycans

Every generation two lycans are born. One boy and one girl. They are more powerful than other lycans. They are always twins. This is why the are usually killed at birth. They have the ability to turn at will. If a lycan is strong enough to kill them they become the alpha and they also take on their ability. Sapphire is one of those lycans who has been kept hidden for years but now she must go out in search for the twin she never knew she had, matters become complicated when she meets Chad a lycan who has been sent to kill her... Can she find her twin before it's too late?

In his former life, Sun Bohai was an omega who couldn't reproduce. Since society believed that an omega's only function was to reproduce, it was genuinely ironic. It was found that his hormones were the source of the issues. He suffered from PCOS, a condition that disrupts hormone balance. He was a highly rare case and couldn't be healed since PCOS was common among betas but rare among omegas. Because hormones were like a live source for omega, his health soon declined, and he passed away on a rainy day alone.He thought he had died, but instead, he woke up in the body of Luo Xiu, a ger in ancient china. Luo Xiu had just married over as a second wife and a stepmother.But before he even had the time to panic a system suddenly introduced himself. With no choice, he could only accept and move forward for both his and the children's survival.With the father absent, the paternal family ignorant, and Sun Bohai who was like an alien in ancient china how will they survive?Cover done by: @Veleon
The Past Between Us

When devastating circumstances caused Scarlett Hudson to leave her home town she never imagined that another tragedy would force her to return three years later and the past she had tried so desperately to bury would start clawing its way out. If all that wasn't enough, her former bestfriend Hunter Adams, the person whose betrayal had cut her the deepest three years ago, seems hell bent on doing everything in his power to win her trust again.As secrets from the past begin to unravel Scarlett is forced to question everything she once believed in.
Unexpected Love Story ✔ [Taekook]

Kim Taehyung is the charming basketball captain of Kirin boys high with the record for dating the most number of girls in a year. However, now he seems to be genuinely in love with an artistic girl from the nearby high school named Kim Ara, whom he follows on a summer art camp to the national park. But, at the camp, he happens to meet another girl, Choon Hee, who he soon finds out is not a girl. He is just about to reveal the impostor named Jeon Jungkook to everyone, when he notices the boy's big doe eyes and his cute bunny teeth. From that moment on, things started to change for Taehyung.A Taekook FF
turning 21 (Completed)

8th Poetry Anthologyhere are the poems I wrote as I take a step further away from my youthful days. my 8th anthology... turning 21 🤍✨Date Published: April 21, 2024
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"I still don't see why we can't just say vampire"Steph focused him with an exasperated glare."Because vampires are mythical creatures of dark magic. We're real creatures and there's no such thing as magic, dark or otherwise." A vampiric, blood-thirsty serial killer is stalking the streets of Redgate and the only ones with a chance of stopping them are other creatures of the night. Vic is brand new to the world of Chiros, but he has already found himself embroiled in a hunt for a supernatural murderer. With the help of Steph, a seasoned detective who constantly finds herself at odds with those in power, Vic will have to navigate blood-sucking politicians, spies and painful memories in order to track down a killer before an army of vampires are unleashed on the city.

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Стрела купидона

День святого Валентина. Купидон не любил этот праздник. Считал сплошной мишурой и показухой. Все эти наигранные открыточки, плюшевые медведи с сердечками, стереотипные ужины при свечах, походы в кино на последний ряд с местами для поцелуев. Тьфу! Ни капли искренности, никаких тех самых настоящих чувств, любви, от которой аж дыхание спирает, замирает сердце.

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ты-Клео Миллер,возраст 15 лет,дата рождения 30 ноября.Знак зодиака:змееносец.Рождена в семье колдунов ,у каждого своя стихия.Их не четыре,не шесть,а для каждого своя.Свою сверх способность ты можешь получить в 16,как раз когда будешь получать паспорт.В Великобритании паспорт получают в 16,имейте ввиду. Ты еще имеешь сестр близнецов ,которые не долюбливают тебя,а всё потому что родители к тебе относятся лучше чем к ним.Также в любом возрасте ты можешь получить своего питомца,питомец должен быть характером как у тебя.Не кошечка,не собачка,а мифическое существо .Ладно,дальше по сути,не буду спойлерить)

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Reverse Falls: Battle for the Journals

It's been five years since Gideon Pines, Pacifica Southeast, and Katherine Rollins left Hogwarts with the Journals of Merlin. Many things have changed. They have traveled the world and learned about different cultures and how different the magic communities all over the world are. Yet they yearn to go back to Hogwarts and see their families again. But they cannot because for the past five years they have been chased by the greatest evil there ever was: the Gleeful Twins.Thankfully they always seem to be one step ahead of the twins.That is until they start getting strange notes one day with hauntingly familiar handwriting. Have the twins finally found them? It will take all the trio has to keep the Journals of Merlin out of the hands of the Gleeful family. Will they succeed or will they die trying to protect ancient and powerful artifacts from landing in the wrong hands?(Authors note: I do not own Reverse Falls, Gravity Falls, or any Falls related to that. This is just a fanfic series please have mercy. Also this is the second book and if you don't read the first one you will be confused. So please, go read the first one. Thank you!)

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Secrets Of Olympus- Tartarus Guardian

They failed their duty to watch the gates of hell. A thief got away with the new born princess.. 18 years later they're cursed to split into three human beings, wandering the earth as mortals until they find the rightful heir to the throne.Book 2 out of Secrets of Olympus Chronicles

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Leyendo: Naruto kitsune:divino dxd

Que pasara cuando ciertos personajes se enteren de las aventuras de sus contra-partes ademas de los cambios en algunos hechos de sus vidas contados mediante un libro

108.3K 14 3.7K
our debut. blacktan

disclaimer: hello, if you don't ship or like any of the two groups in this book, i refrain you from reading this as i don't to gain any hate. thank you. as bts are rising stars that face the cameras and fans everyday, they are handed one of the biggest job any company should handle. yg entertainment has asked four out of the seven boys to come in and train their new girl group. this group was to debut early 2013 but has been pushed back until now. many fans have speculated this as the four girls have been featured in many of their senior group's music videos. the new group consists of four girls: jisoo, jennie, rose, and lisa. bts' jin, yoongi, jimin and jungkook set out to help yg's new girl group train for the next few months before they are revealed to the public. what will occur among the four girls and guys? are they going to make it as a group? what will happen when they all meet? what will happen when their debut finally comes? will this change how they see each other? and will they ever see each other again? Start: 8/16/17 End: 10/1/17

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"Lemme find out, imma kill you" "ImMa KiLL yOu"

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Miss Bridgerton|Bridgerton OC's

Miss Alyssa Bridgerton is the one only twin sister to the very grumpy but lovable Viscount Anthony Bridgerton. When things get hard Alyssa has a tendency to run, so naturally when her father died that's exactly what she did. Leaving her 8 siblings behind, but most importantly her other half. Now returning to her duties as a debutante in this years season she's bound to run into troubles. And being Alyssa she's bound to try run, apart from maybe she doesn't want to run anymore and maybe she wants to settle down.

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[ Prompts Open ]The Chola heritage is a rich one, filled with tales of love, sacrifice, Dharma, duty, architecture, and devotion. This book is a place for all the OS/TS on Chola Desam, mainly inspired by Ponniyin Selvan, though it will have various other Cholas when able. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Cover by @JishnuPranaa

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