INSIDE OUT (DP+Batman crossover)

INSIDE OUT (DP+Batman crossover)

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"I know it's sometimes hard, but you have to face your demons." The oldest protege of Batman said, his voice soft.
"Is your demon 8 feet tall? No? Then don't tell me what to do!" He shrieked, shocking everyone.
"Danny Stop it!" Jason ordered from the sidelines but he was ignored.


Being a teen is hard, everyone is against you all of a sudden, you have enemies and overprotective parents. Now meet Danny, a boy who gained ghost powers after an awful accident. While trying to live his life as normally as possible, he gets stuck permanently with his biggest enemy, himself.
After his family dies by the hand of his nemesis, Danny moves to another city to escape the memories that haunt him. A city of dark history and present, Gotham. He thought he would never get another opportunity to be a part of a family, but Gotham proved him wrong. Will the family keep intact or will it break under the pressure of dark secrets.

(I do NOT own any of these characters, only this plot!!!)

!!!English isn't my first language!!!

PSS: I'm really grateful to one person. Without Blizzardwing47 I would be so lost ... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Started - 30.11.2018

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