Infection Runs Deep

Infection Runs Deep

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Dr. Elizabeth Hunter thought her life as second year resident could not get anymore frantic than her ER rotation. Crashing heart rates, bottoming out blood pressures, and hysterical patients were something that she could handle. She'd been trained for it after all. But when a patient came into the ER with an unknown disease that Elizabeth has no idea how to treat, she found herself thrown into chaos as the newfound illness plagues the US. After a few close calls, Elizabeth joined ranks with Sergeant Luke Falls who lead her to a military base.

Elizabeth tried her best to navigate the unknown in her post-apocalyptic reality, fighting off infected while trying to treat them as patients. In conjunction with Luke and her new comrades, she discovered some particularly troubling information of the etiology of the disease and must make crucial decisions with the lives of those she cares for most hanging in the balance.


"This is a bad idea," he warned as I started down the hall.

"You know, usually I'm the one saying that," I said with a smirk.

"If your crazy-ass ideas are the voice of reason, I can't believe you and your friends have lasted this long." He shook his head. "Someone needs to talk some sense into you guys."

"I don't need sense. Just luck." The threshold to the lobby loomed ahead. With one last look over my shoulder, I blew a kiss in his direction. "Wish it for me."

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