Incorrect Quotes from TCF

Incorrect Quotes from TCF

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Just Incorrect quotes from a generator because I'm bored :D


Contains Swearing!

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[FANFICTION]Synopsis: What if the original characters from 'The Birth of a Hero' meet the current characters from 'Trash of the Count's Family?'Disclaimer: I don't own the picture used in the cover and the novel. It belongs to the rightful owner.FYI, this fanfiction is based on a Korean Webnovel, 'Trash of the Count's Family (백작가의 망나니가 되었다)' written by Yoo Ryeo Han (유려한).
TCF Fanfic: React

A story where the TCF! and TBOAH! casts (both enemies and allies), Kim Rok Soo (og! Cale), Lee Soo Hyuk, and Choi Jung Soo react to the past, present, and future. ~~~Spoiler Alerts! As this book is a reaction story, there will be plenty of spoilers made.Warning: There are curses in this book that are not censored.Disclaimer: I don't own TCF! All rights belong to the author, Yoo Ryeo Han. I also don't own the book cover, I just edited it a little.Update: everydayDecember 3, 2021 - ???
Moving The Course Of The Universe.

[Cale's visiting(thrown to many different world)]Raon was staring at his human, who was apparently sleeping again. Raon whipped his head toward the blond haired man."Gramps! Human is sleeping again!""He is sick, Nya!"The blond sigh while he look at the human they are talking, this unlucky bastard."Little kids, that unlucky bastard is just sleeping""His sleeping has been getting out of control, Nya"On who has been silent also felt worried at this point. "Human! You're awake!"A frown was seen in his face. "Fuck.." With Cale mumble, his body rapidly start to fade to smoke."Cale!""Human!"...He felt a hand on his shoulder."Cale? whats wrong?" His eyes look at the red haired man who was silent, before shaking his head."Never mind."
Difference - TBOAH AU reacts to TOTCF/TCF  {Slow Updates}

"The Birth of a Hero" characters of an alternative universe get teleported to an empty room, an unknown being invites (totally not a threat) them to assist to an alternative universe, in exchange for information on how to win the war.The villains are not invited! Although i would love to put sassy White Radish, i am unable to remember all of the damn characters/allies i will probably need to put.- Neither the pictures nor the characters belong to me, credits to the authors/owners! -
Reacting to the Misunderstanding Moments of Cale Henituse

Title: Reacting to the Misunderstanding and Coughing out blood Moments of Cale Henituse. Wattpad wouldn't let me have the original title, so here it is.Timeline: After the Sealed God test. Basically, the fandom has a list of times Cale had coughed out blood, now I want to see a list of times people misunderstood this poor unlucky bastard and because I am sadistic, I want to see their reaction, but wait, this fic doesn't aim to straighten out the misunderstanding, no, Nah, and nope its to make the misunderstanding bigger. Because it isn't TCF/LCF if there are no misunderstandings. I do not own Lout of the Count's Family, all rights deserve to Yoo Ryeo Han-nim. I'm just trash here.

TCF one shot's every chapter~Please! The cover photo isn't mine if anyone knows the artist please let me know so that I can put on the credits!
TOTCF 633+

I'm not the author of the book....just an avid fan translating the chap where the wuxia world stops translating....Please be reminded that English is not my first language and this is just an mtl that I edit a little bit so be prepared for wrong grammar, confusing sentences, and whatever error you may encounter and see...

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