✓In Trouble With The Mafia Brother (Completed)

✓In Trouble With The Mafia Brother (Completed)

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Two men came forward pointing thier guns on Daddy and Bhai. Seeing that, Mom screamed loudly in horror. I wanted to scream too but I had lost my voice with fear especially, when that man's dark orbs were dagered on me.

"Wh...what do you all want?! Money? Gold? Anything else....take it...just take it! B....but please... please let them go..." Mom cried out as I just stood thier motionless. I didn't even had the strength to comfort her. Fear was coercing in my veins like blood.

"Anything?" The man finally spoke.


He looked at me with an amused expression.
"Then..." He pointed his gun at me as I was hiding behind my mother shaking like a leaf.
"... I'll take this one." My eyes widened.

We all looked at him horrified and Mom shielded me behind her.

"What's wrong? Didn't you just say I can take anything? Then I'll take your daughter." He winked at me.


Rahina, a simple bubbly girl had it all perfect. A perfect loving family, friends and now a handsome, charming, understanding and gentle fiancé. A perfect man every girl dreams off. All she could think about was being his bride soon and spend the rest of her life with him.

But what happens when a mysterious handsome man infiltrates her home suddenly and points his gun at her innocent family kidnapping her in bright daylight?

Who is this man?

What does he wants?

Why is he doing this?

Will she be able to fight back to protect her dignity and feelings for her fiancé or...fall deeper into his world, his life and end up falling into something much more dangerous of his.....


Dive in to find out....

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