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Category: Science Fiction
Viktor didn't expect to be abducted by aliens when he went to school one morning, and he certainly didn't expect to be thrown into the alien equivalent of a dog-fighting ring, either. But when fighting for his life quickly becomes his routine, will he be able to muster up the strength to break that mold? Especially when the fate of humanity rests on his shoulders?


The Vokkrus, a warrior alien species, go to Earth with the intention to 'rescue' the human species from their dying planet. The catch is that they believe humans to be nonsentient and incapable of intelligent thought. They are treated as nothing more than the common animal. They are a commodity, something to fawn over and ogle at.

Humanity's strength and stamina are nearly unrivaled on this new planet, and when Viktor is taken to an alien fighting ring, he quickly dominates the competition. Mercy has no place in the arena.

When Viktor is adopted by the leader of the Vokkrus, an intimidating alien whose intentions are unclear, he is forced to shed his wariness and convince the alien king to save humanity from his accidental oppression.


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Wordcount = 350,000+
December 22, 2022: #1 in #alien-abduction
January 13, 2023: #2 in #found-family
February 22, 2023: #19 in #science
February 22, 2023: #1 in #spaceship
February 22, 2023: #2 in humanpet

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ты плохо себя ведешь,ли.

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