In Between

In Between

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Category: Short Story
After a chance meeting outside a rock club, college student Lily Turncott and budding musician Billy Collins share a lifetime of almosts.

This short story inspired the On the Edge Series. Check out the complete novels!

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A girl who was raised by her grandmother and she became a spoiled child. Now that her brothers are taking her with them she is going to change cause in that house there is a phrase strictly followed that actions have consequences and rewards.

Blythe, an independent girl with wild dreams, pretty face, raging intelligence and a carefree attitude to her life has fallen for her bestfreind Alexis. Typical nerd. Alexis on the other hand is reserved, but has a charm that enthralls every girl. A handsome hunk and a cliche football captain cant sustain into a relationship for longer than his heartbreak . Typical popular. But make a note, never has he ever shown his true self to anyone except the most important girl in his life, Blythe. But what happens when someone else is conspiring to take her place in his life? Will the friendship last? Will the two of them who claim that they wouldn't survive without each other through it or get lost somewhere along the line? Will it all begin from scratch, or rubble will reconcile or will they be strong as ever? Highest ranking# 17 on whats hot (chicklit)# 15 in chicklit# 57 in teen fictionMake a note, both of them have a hard hitting past and troubling present. please ignore the grammatical mistakes. I was 13 when I wrote this .COMPLETED- 2 DECEMBER 2017PS.this is my first book so please read it! And also this will from blythe ' s pov.
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*past*"Just leave Mary Grace." Teddy says to me with a blank stare, but I could see sadness built around them."But Teddy, why-" I begin to say as a tear falls down my cheek."No one wants you here loser. Ted never liked you. He just felt sorry for you." Savannah Oak says beside Teddy.I look to Teddy knowing that he'll stick up for me like he always does, but he is just staring at the floor."Is that true?" I ask looking at him.He looks up and nods."Dont you have a flight to catch?" Paige asks with a smirk.Tears Fall down my face, Savannah rolls her eyes and walks away."Goodbye Mary Grace." Teddy says closing the door.I slowly turn around and hop back on my bike.How could he do this to me? We've been friends since we were little.He turned out to be just like the rest of them. He never did like me.I ride my bike home sobbing."Mary Grace what happened?" My sister Anna Maria says running over to me. As I push my bike onto the driveway."I never want to comeback here again!" I cry into her shoulder.***Summary will be the first chapter!Hope you enjoy, first Teen Fiction Story. :)Btw. This is my story I made it up with my mere imagination, so don't steal thanks.COVER made by hannaxoxo_

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She is sweet.He is cruel.She wants freedom.He wants her all to his self.~*~Roselyn has been a good little girl all her life. Never said the word 'no' and has been a daddy's little girl. She's a princess, daughter of the Wolf King so she must act proper and a lady. On her 16th birthday there is a ball celebrating her big day. Her father announces that she is to marry...none other than...her best friend.But for the first time ever, she refuses the duty she must do. After her father commands that she marry her arranged fiancé she does the only thing she can do... Run.Determined to be free from what seemed to be her perfect life she becomes a rouge but not fully since she has the royal alpha blood in her. When she accidentally runs across dangerous territory things take a toll for the worse. Logan Harris is the strongest, ruthless, vicious and possessive alpha in North America. And when he wants something he gets it no matter what the cost. And Roselyn is what he wants. Will he manage to get her to fall for him or will she run for the freedom she has been dying for her whole life? What if her father comes hunting for his daughter to only force her into an arranged marriage? Will Roselyn ever get to retrieve her dream or will she be stuck following orders for the rest of her life?Discover deep secrets lurking around Logan's past and her fathers past to put her in an arranged marriage.
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Alcohol + Hot Guy = Positive Pregnancy Test(FULL SUMMARY INSIDE)------Most impressive rankings#1 - fiction #1 - lover#5 - cheating #9 - chicklit

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