I was reborn as an orphan,                   But I won't let that stop me

I was reborn as an orphan, But I won't let that stop me

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Category: Romance
Who would have thought that I would be reincarnated into my sister's Otome game that she forced me to play in my previous life. If I had known this would happen I would continue playing as I only played about 20% of the game. This information would be useful to predict events in this world. But I suppose this does not affect me that much is I was reborn as the heroines elder sister. That was as my sister complained about completely forgotten in the story. After the heroine was adopted into The Pentahast family which is a count family. And for some reason, they did not want to adopt her elder sister along with her. And from what my sister in my previous life complained that she was not even mentioned by the heroine once after she was adopted. Well even if I am an orphan that gets abandoned and forgotten by my own sister. And also being at the bottom of the social hierarchy I won't let that stop me. I want three things in life. A comfterble life, excitement, and now in this new setting I want to study everything that has to do with magic.

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