I Stole the Badboy's Phone | ✓

I Stole the Badboy's Phone | ✓

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Category: Teen Fiction
• 5-17-18 •

In every normal cliché story, the bad boy messes with the good girl, but Brynn's type of cliché is different.

She's not a bad girl, but she's definitely not a good girl either. She calls herself a bomb ass mix of all them powers. Brynn Meyers has the good grades and the sassy attitude.

Zane Lancaster is the town's bad boy. Tattoos that cover his entire body, always with a cigarette in hand, breaking the rules and causing trouble every time he gets the chance.

When Brynn has no choice but to move to California, she finds herself living next door the bad boy. She wants to know what is it like to be a bad boy.

What's better than stealing his phone and getting to know his dirty secrets?


Highest ranking: #11 in Teen Fiction | #2 in Humor

Story might contain strong language. Read under your own risk. You've been warned.

Cover made by @saaamayra <3

Copyright©2017☞nashracxa12 - All Rights Reserved

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