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" 𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙨𝙚𝙚𝙢 𝙩𝙤 𝙝𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙜𝙤𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙣 𝙢𝙚 𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙄 𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙡𝙡 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪. " ~ 𝙔/𝙉

》𝙲𝚑𝚘𝚒 𝙱𝚎𝚘𝚖𝚐𝚢𝚞 (𝚃𝚇𝚃)

originally written by @lisachoii

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Avatar: The Fifth Element

Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Void. Also known as Ether, it is the fifth element, one that has been buried in the past. It is the material that fills up the cosmos and connects everything, possibly the most dangerous element to wield. Just one year after Aang ended the 100 Year War, the forgotten element resurfaced.
Dream Hunter

(BOOK III IN THE DREAM SERIES) With a single touch, Dani Deleon has always been able to see the nightmares of others. When she starts seeing a cloaked figure in all of her dreams, she knows something is wrong. With his hands full trying to catch the man that killed his first love, will Detective Jax Michaels be able to help Dani? Or will the two of them realize that their worst nightmares have become a reality?The Dream SeriesBook I: Dream CatcherBook II: DreamscapeBook III: Dream Hunter
Backstreet Slave Trade (Book 1) COMPLETED

Book 1 in the Creatures series.Everyone knows what happens to mythical creatures when they die. They end up in purgatory, right? Well, that's what the horror stories tell us anyway. However, fifty years ago the gates of purgatory opened up, leaking all its consistency onto the Earth. The creatures of our stories and worst nightmares were suddenly here and taking over our planet.The humans tried to fight back, armies came together trying to capture or kill the beasts, and they quickly got whipped out by the pure wrath of the supernatural. Fifty years later and the vampires, werewolves, demons, and witches have risen to be rulers of the Earth and all its content, including humans.Humans are slaves to the creatures, whipped, collared and being eaten is what their life consists of. Meet Jason, who has had a life of slavery being passed from creature to creature, where he has been used and abused. Will his new owner be any different or will he end up being just another plaything?

〚FEATURED〛⭒⭒⭒⭒⭒"My pick-up lines are great.""Yeah, and I have a pet llama.""You do??""No, idiot."⭒⭒⭒⭒⭒Arc-en-ciel (n.): RainbowHe's the perfect example of a thundercloud. He's rude, grumbly, and frightening to most- ready to harshly rain down on anyone in his way. She's a human sunbeam, at best. She's the kind of person with a sunshine personality that everyone adores- bubbly, nearly always beaming, and looking to spread smiles. Working with your polar opposite might seem like the worst thing that could happen. But around every thundercloud's rain, there comes sunshine. And with the sun and rain, come rainbows. ⭒⭒⭒⭒⭒Featured in Wattpad Teenfiction's 'Funny Bones' Reading list [no idea how that happened lol][#1 in Adorable | 1# in Cute | 1# in LoveAtFirstSight }[#1 in BadBoy | 1# in Boyfriend| 1# in Fiction ][#2 in GoodGirl | #2 in Romance]©All rights reserved, available only on Wattpad[Cover images do not belong to me, all rights reserved by owners]
Splatoon 3 x Male? Human? Reader? (Harem)

(First-ever story and suggest ideas if you want!) Y/n was playing Splatoon in their room on a nice, sunny weekend day when suddenly...a rift appeared and sucked them into it. Forever losing their connection to their reality, but replacing it with another.-I do not own the rights to Splatoon or anything related to it. It is a Nintendo-made game. The same thing goes for any images, music, or other stuff I might put. The rights go to their respective owners. All characters are over 18 unless specifically said not to be.The beginning is quite horrible in my own opinion, but it does get better over time. I try and learn and try again. I am not perfect, but I am not giving up.
Main Character Massacre

Sick and tired of your good ol' cringey lil Y/N stories? Worry not, Yvonne Nichelle is here to entertain!
• 𝑀𝑦 𝑆𝑜𝑛 • ⁽ⁿᵃʳᵘᵗᵒ ᵘᶻᵘᵐᵃᵏⁱ ˣ ᵐᵒᵗʰᵉʳ! ʳᵉᵃᵈᵉʳ⁾

Book 1:Y/n is a sweet,kind, and loving woman who recently moved into the village of Konohagakure, The Village hidden in the Leaves. That's when she came across the villages' most hated kid.Feeling sympathy for the misunderstood blonde boy, she adopts him!-The book somewhat follows the original Anime (movies not included) but there are some obvious changes.-There are some grammar errors because of stupid typos or autocorrect so don't mind them.-Usually updates are random but I'll at least try to update once or twice a month.{Started}: May/30/2022

Kumpulan Cerita Panas buatan Roberto Gonzales.Khusus 21 tahun ke atas.

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Short horror story in the 1st person. Can you figure out what the creature is? It is up to interpretation of course, but the answer was clear to me as I was writing it.Let me know your thoughts!

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[ Tổng ] Tomie, giới tính nam-Lộ Tuyết Sương

Thể loại: Diễn sinh, Đam mỹ, Cận đại , Hiện đại , OE , Tình cảm , Manga anime , Xuyên việt , Xuyên nhanh , Naruto , Vô hạn lưu , Kim bài đề cử 🥇Tổng đồng nghiệp BL tiểu thuyết, Tấn Giang kim bài đề cử cao cất chứa cao tích phân VIP2017-02-06 kết thúc, trước mặt bị cất chứa số: 7027, văn chương tích phân: 66,265,816Phú giang là cái tiểu mê đệ, thích nam thần nhan hảo tính cách hảo bản lĩnh hảo, chỉ là càng đến mặt sau càng cảm thấy nam thần không thích hợp......Ta đem ngươi đương nam thần ngươi lại muốn ngủ ta lại giết ta hệ liệt, mỗi cái thế giới đều liêu một lần nam thần, phú giang tính chuyển, vạn giải trước chỉ có mê người hắc hóa, vạn nhân mê, vô hạn trọng sinh tam thuộc tính cùng 10 tuổi không đến chỉ số thông minh 2333.=============================================Kim bài biên tập đề cử:Phú giang là một phen có được tự mình ý thức trảm hồn đao, hóa thành hình người liền đến chỗ chạy, nơi nào có cường giả liền chạy nơi nào, còn thường xuyên chạy quá giới. Chỉ cầu mạnh nhất chủ nhân -- liêu nam thần nhóm liền chạy phú giang khó trách bị đuổi giết một lần lại một lần.Bổn văn ngôn ngữ khôi hài hài hước, lấy thi hồn giới vì trung tâm xâu chuỗi vô số cái thế giới khác, thiết trí một cái phú giang thân thế trì hoãn làm người nhịn không được truy đi xuống.

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Don't Say Sorry - Cryde (Boy X Boy)

Mostly just writing practice sooooo yeah. This is based off of a headcanon that I saw a while ago so I was like "WHY ZE HELL NOT". So, enjoy.EDIT: Okay, after some contemplation I have decided to turn this into an on-going chapter book!Summary: Craig and Clyde have always been best friends, from the moment they met in Kindergarten to now - as awkward middle school students in eighth grade. However, Clyde goes through a tough phase that threatens to snap their friendship in half altogether and Craig finds himself more upset than he is willing to let on. Will they eventually mend their friendship with the help of a certain individual? Or are they just not meant for each other anymore?(Contains a few little sides of Crenny)(And by little I mean a lot)

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Wait for me, I'm coming too

Orpheus and Eurydice.Kanan and Hera.It's an old song. It's a sad tale, a tragedy.

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Since You've Been Gone (WIP)

Sabine Wren left the Ghost Crew, (After "Legacy of Mandalore") and the crew is left without a Specter Five. Will this bring them closer together, or tear them apart.

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[Cristiano Ronaldo/ Lionel Messi] May 22, 2016 - Trans fic

Can be the sequel to September 26, 2015. Chuyện xảy ra giữa Leo và Cris vào ngày Barcelona thắng Cúp nhà vua Tây Ban Nha ở Madrid/ 2016.Bản dịch truyện May 22, 2016 của tác giả SophieTrancy, link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/6937825Bản dịch chưa có sự đồng ý của tác giả, vui lòng không mang đi bất cứ đâu.Mình biết là nó hơi ngắn, thật ra mình đã ém cực kỳ nhiều cái khác mà mình đã khóc hết nước mắt khi đọc :))) nhưng nó dài quá mà dạo này mình lại bận quá, cơ mà mình vẫn muốn làm cái gì đó kỷ niệm 0710, nên...Thật sự là lúc mình đổ Leo vào kỳ WC năm nay, mình không hề nghĩ rồi mình sẽ cuồng điên, yêu thương và dành trọn tình cảm cho couple này như thế :D. Có thể vì lúc đầu mình không ưa Cris, mình cố gắng chối bỏ tình cảm của mình cho Cressi bằng cách theo những couple khác, nên giờ mình bị ngải của Cris quật, bị mê Cris và yêu thương đau đớn tuyệt vọng vì cái couple này :))) Quả báo nhãn tiền vl :))

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Epilogue (LazyTown)

A new person moves to Lazytown and stirs up old feelings, and ignites new ones. Nova Sparks was just looking for a fresh start, away from her troubles. Everything goes haywire however when she meets town hero Sportacus.

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A Miserable Fate... (Hazbin Hotel)

You, the reader, is a famous chef at a gourmet restaurant. An envious coworker of yours decides to murder you. You were shot but survived you escaped into the woods and meet a man who is also clinging to their life... You being haunted by your past is helped by some newfound friends. Will you be able to escape this fiery inferno with them? Or all alone..?If you haven't watched Hazbin Hotel please watch it. Just so you can understand everything. And the characters except for the reader are not mine. They all belong to Vivziepop.

48.5K 35 641 Full