I Met Them In Detention

I Met Them In Detention

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Category: Teen Fiction
(Under Major Editing)

Camila Diaz is a nerd. No need denying it. Everyone knows, Camila knows, her friends know, her school knows, hell even her mom knows.

Camila is your average 17 year old nerd. She loves to read, loves school, Camila finds it "intriguing" when she learns something she didn't know before, she loves ... more like plans to stay under the radar for rest of high school, she's a fast learner too.

Come to think of it the only thing normal about her is that she LOVES Netflix. Camila also has a sassy and sarcastic side and is not afraid to show it. Will that get her into trouble?

Samuel, Stephan, and Sebastian Cooper. They are new to Lincoln High . And everyone is interested in them. The only thing anyone knows about them is these 4 things: They are fraternal triplets, they're badasses, their bad reputation, and that they are WALKING GODS (aka they are SMOKING HOTT) !

What will happen when these 3 boys take an interest in Camila and start talking to the school's biggest nerd? Will Camila's plan to stay under the radar stay intact? What will she get herself into?

Why do these 3 boys move to Lincoln High? Why are they considered badasses? What are they hiding and what is their big secret? Most importantly, What is so important about Camila that they do anything to get close to her?

Will Camila change for the better or for the worst?

You're probably thinking "How did they meet?"
Well, They met in detention.

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