I'm In A Apocalyptic World With A Gacha System (Adoption)

I'm In A Apocalyptic World With A Gacha System (Adoption)

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Category: Adventure
Hey guys this is just a experiment story, so that I can get the hang of doing Orginal content. I mean I can't always do fan fiction as sooner or later. I won't be able to find anything to write about.
Anyway let's get right into it, and you guys tell me what you think about it.

Have you ever been bullied or hated just because your body is different? Have you ever been betrayed by your friends because they found out your secret? Or abandoned by your parents just because they determined you were a flawed child?

Heh......, Well that's my whole life right there. Hi, My name is Feyorra Golden, I am currently 18 years old making me a legal adult in the world....... but that doesn't matter.

You see when I was born, My mother and Father were disgusted by me since when I came out......I was different. Let me explain I'm Intersex, I have a female body but I have a penis instead of a vagina.

Not wanting anything to do with me, My mother and Father gave me to my grandparents who took care of me happily. My grandfather owned his own dojo in the forest that was near the city making it easier for me to go to school. Though inside the dojo he taught me several things from Hand to hand combat, Kendo, Archery, and How to use pole arms. It was extremely fun times but eventually I had stopped to focus more on school. But now I think I needed those skills more than ever as now the world is broken out in chaos and the only way for me to survive ,Is to use my skills along with my mysterious Gacha System.

Travel With me as we make our way to the top in order to break free of these chain and shackles.

I hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

#1 In Futanari 9/4/21

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๐Ÿ”ž: WARNING||: it contains bulgar words and matured scene that are not suitable for young readers under 18. |Grammatical errors ahead.

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