I'm falling for my Ex Fiancé - (BOOK 2)

I'm falling for my Ex Fiancé - (BOOK 2)

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"Lana i want you to be on my wedding day, there's no excuse I don't want to hear it anymore. You graduated from med school a few months ago and i know you're running out of you excuses stocks" she said as i smile.

"I'll be back sooner than you think, and i promise I'm going to be there Diana" i said while staring into my best friend's face on my laptop screen.

"you promised okay, see you there bubz" She said as she hung up the video call.

I called Gabriel's number then after a few rings he finally picked up,

"Hey sis"

"Hey, Are you busy?"

"Not really, why?"

"Can you keep it as a secret?" I asked him.

"Of course" he said.

"Prepare the jet for next week, I'm going back home" i said as i smile.


I was working in my office room until my secretary walked in with a big smile on her face, ugh she smiles a lot it annoyed me.

"Sir Mr. Blake is here" she said.

Blake was one of my bodyguards and he had been following me around since the past few years.

"Let him in" i said.

He walked in with his normal bodyguard suit and an earpiece on his ear,

"Sir" he said.

I ignored him while kept typing on my laptop to prepared a presentation for a meeting with a very important client,

"She's back" Blake said and it made my head popped up to looked up at him.

"After 6 damn years?" I asked him.

"She's back in town sir" he informed me.

"Agatha cancel all the meeting today" i said to my secretary that was standing on the door.

"Got it sir" she said before walking away.

"Blake, prepare my car" i said.

"Got it sir" he said before turning around and left.

Avalana, it's been 6 fucking years since you left me. And I'm here still waiting for you to come back as i promise you back then.

I'm going to make you mine again.

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