I'm a very hardworking Queen

I'm a very hardworking Queen

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Category: Science Fiction
Jyn transmigirate and she transmigirate as A Zerg Queen.

The cold and ruthless race that have been shun and feared by all the other inter galaxy races.

As the Queen Jyn want to express that she will work very hard to be a kind and upright queen.


I'm not saying this Lord Novel is the best, but its not bad... So, give it a try.
Try your best to ignore the wording and the grammatical mistake. I'm only Human after all, don't put your blame on me.
I'm lazy so I don't think I will give another effort in correcting the error and mistake.

Just give it a try! it's not like it gonna do you folks harm? I think?

This is Yu Fukurō aka Cosmos Owl.
This Lord is Out. Chaos, destruction Despair muahahaha!!!

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