I'm a Model that's Undercover as The School's Nerd

I'm a Model that's Undercover as The School's Nerd

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**You can currently find the beginning of the rewritten version on my profile here on Wattpad.**

What would you do if you lived the life as Clover Thompson: the nerd during the school day and Lucky, the supermodel after school hours. She has been a model since she was 15 years old for all different types of company's. She at first started out modeling for company's like: Hollister, Aeropostale, Wet Seal, but once she was allowed to started modeling for Victoria Secret. And now she's the number one model in the world. No one knows her little modeling secret except her family and best friend Tori, and no one would suspect it when she wears: fake glasses, a wig, and a fake retainer. But what happens when the player/bad boy of the school, Andrew Carter, gets assigned to work on a project with Clover and she is forced to spend time with him? Will he find out her secret? How long can Clover keep her double life a secret ?
This Story is completed but it needs to be edited which I am slowly doing. But for those who don't mind grammar mistakes then my writing does gets better throughout the series. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the first book of The Undercover Saga!(: Xx
My lovely Cover is made by: @heights
Ranked #1 in Teen Fiction multiple times!

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