I Hate You Too

I Hate You Too

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Category: Romance
When enemies Dallas Cooper and Amara Singh stage a fake relationship to get revenge on their exes, the last thing they're prepared for is their feud-ridden hatred turning into love.

Season 1 of I Hate You Too


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Dallas Cooper hates Amara Singh. After their infamous feud over volleyball captain, she'd do anything to avoid her arch-nemesis. So when she's dumped by her first love, only to learn that her ex has moved on with none other than Amara's on-again, off-again ex-girlfriend, things feel like they can't get any worse.

Except now Amara and Dallas have something in common. And with little risk and a lot to gain, they agree to a foolproof plan: pretend to be a couple to get revenge.

As the unlikely duo spend time together, shocking the whole school with their picture-perfect romance, the line between ruse and real starts to blur. What happens when falling for each other is no longer part of an act? Will Dallas and Amara give in to their undeniable chemistry, or will their hatred-filled past and suspicious exes manage to tear them apart?


Weekly updates on Mondays and Wednesdays. Wait & read for free, or unlock with coins-the choice is yours!

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