I HATE you too

I HATE you too

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Category: Romance
Sequel to "LET ME HATE YOU."

Are all love stories HAPPILY EVER AFTER?

"Based on all the evidence and the witness statement, the court finds Mrs. Asmaira Hashmi as Guilty."

There was an uproar among the crowd as it was filled with curious spectators and journalists to gain the TRP to live telecast the most sensational case. Asmaira's frightened eyes were looking for her savior, and once she found him, she cried, "Amaan, please, believe me, I didn't do anything."

Till now, the CEO of Hashmi Enterprises, Amaan Hashmi, was a silent spectator. When he heard Asmaira's pleas, he stood up and walked towards her. What he said next broke her faith in Love.

"I curse the day you came into my life. Have a great life in jail, Aashi."

"Amaan, I'm pr," before she could say, he left her behind.

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