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New school. Twins. New rules and a different type of feeling.

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The Ghost Files

Cherry blossom lipstick: checkSmokey eyes: checkSkinny jeans: checkDead kid in the mirror: checkFor sixteen year old Mattie Hathaway, this is her normal everyday routine. She's been able to see ghosts since her mother tried to murder her when she was five years old. No way does she want anyone to know she can talk to spooks. Being a foster kid is hard enough without being labeled a freak too. Normally, she just ignores the ghosts and they go away. There's a little glitch this time. The ghost she sees is her foster sister, Sally. Everyone thinks she's just another runaway. Mattie knows the truth, though-she's dead, murdered. Foster kids look out for each other and Mattie feels like she has to help Sally, but she can't do it alone. Against her better judgment, she teams up with a young police officer and together they set out to discover the truth of Sally's disappearance. Now the killer has set his sights on her. It becomes a race to see if she can find the truth before the serial killer finds her.
Under an Alaskan Moon (Sample)

Colin Byrd searched unsuccessfully for his mate for many years. When he could not find her, his wolf took complete control and he became a rogue. He's wild, untamable, and starving.Faye Anders was not prepared for the wolf that showed up at her cabin, half-starved and staggering. She was definitely not prepared for said wolf to turn into a man on her bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. The starving Wolf-man is her mate.Set in the wilds of Alaska, Under an Alaskan Moon tells the story of two mates on their journey to love and acceptance. Thank you for reading!Sincerely,Scarlett McLeodHi guys! Under an Alaskan Moon has been published on amazon. Thank you for such an incredible journey. From here on out, only part of Under an Alaskan Moon will be available on wattpad. If you guys could check me out on good reads and leave a review, I would greatly appreciate it. Or if you would like to find me on Amazon simply search my name (Scarlett McLeod), or search Under an Alaskan Moon. Happy hunting my little shapeshifters!
A Mob Boss's Family (Book 2 Of The New York Mafia Trilogy)

(Highest Rank: #1 General fiction, 23rd June 2016)This is the second book in the New York Mafia Series and sequel to A Mob Boss's First Love.Please Read Book1: A Mob Boss's first Love before reading this book. Francesco is a mob boss and doesn't take any nonesense. He wants things done his way and will get them done using all powers and resources he has. His first love, Adele is by his side now. He wants to get closer to Adele. He has secrets. Adele tries to break the ice and get to know Francesco. There would be obstacles in the way of the childhood sweethearts. Is their love strong enough to endure obstacles? Betrayal, heartache and pain may come in their lives but there is also joy and happiness.
Love or Obsession

"Lo itu punya gue, kemanapun lo pergi gue bakal ikut!"."Hah?, sejak kapan emang?, Jangan ngomong aneh deh".Cowok paling ditakuti di kampus karena banyaknya rumor buruk tentangnya, terobsesi sama cewek pindahan Nadine. Owen punya rahasia gelap dalam dirinya yang membuatnya ditakuti oleh semua orang ditambah masa lalu buruk yang terus menghantuinya.Apa Nadine akan menerima cowok itu, menerima semua masa lalu buruknya atau meninggalkannya?, tapi bagaimanapun pilihan Nadine, Owen akan terus mengejarnya sampai benar benar dapat.
The Hooded Figure

RETURNED TO WATTPAD!"I heard he punched a teacher who tried to take his hood off.""Really? I heard that he's hideously ugly and can't stand to have other people see him.""Hmm, I was told that one time he was hooking up with a girl and he still didn't take his hood off."-----These were the things they said about the new kid at Charlesteen High School. Were they true? No one knows, but touch his hood and you'll lose limbs. Quiet and intimidating, he never initiates conversation, and the only person who bothers to investigate this new student, is Amy.Amy Carters is an ordinary girl with problems of her own, but when her social studies teacher pairs them up for a project, she's grows curious of the hooded figure. Who is the boy who lives under the shadows? But despite her curiosity for the new student, she can't fight the attraction she feels for her new co-worker, Asher. Kind, thoughtful, and absolutely stunning, she quickly finds herself torn between Asher and the mysterious and brooding new student.The question is, who will she choose?-------After five years of the rights to this book being owned by Dreame, it can finally be returned to Wattpad! Be warned; I wrote this book when I was 14 and I can't even remember how it ends. Heed this warning haha.
Trash of the Count's Family (201-400)

reup for offlinenot the ownersource in eatapplepies.comif the original owner wants to remove this, pls DM me and i will remove it.
His Ignored Wife

When strangers from completely different backgrounds get married...--Shifting as the cool breeze toyed with my senses, I sighed at my husband standing so far away, leaning against the yacht's railing and drowning out the world behind him. He didn't want to be here. He didn't want to introduce me as his wife and have to deal with social disapproval.In the world of upper-class snobs and elites, I was a complete outsider...an unwanted addition. I had no place among the rich, no way to make many accept my crass and clumsy ways. My husband hated me, and his family was all ready to make him move on to a lady who would match his standard. I simply was an ignored wife, a wounded reject and a lonely fool. --Sweet and friendly Maya could never repay the favours bestowed upon her by the great ladyship of Naveria 'Madam Geena'. That 70-year-old woman had not only treated her like a daughter, given her shelter and a well-paying job when she first arrived at Hill City to earn for her family but was also her wisest mentor. However, with favours comes expectations, and Maya just couldn't say no when Madam Geena asked her to marry her spoiled grandson 'Demir', tame his rakish ways, and adopt the ways of the rich. It was a heartbreaking offer. Demir wasn't known for dealing with people below his class, but Maya really didn't have a choice. Madam Geena meant the world to her. Thus, after getting married to a rich spoiled-brat, feeling her heart melt with fondness and watching as he completely ignored her existence and humiliated her ways, Maya was soon to realize that despite belonging to different worlds and having their own reasons for choosing to get married, both she and her husband were hurting in their own ways. Their worlds might have been completely different, but they both were equally miserable, lonely and broken.(Featured on Wattpad Chicklit's Reading List)
{MTL} ✅the real young master of a wealthy...... master of a wealthy family

Yan Yu, the heir to the top wealthy family, transmigrated into a book of pure love and sadomasochism in the skin of a real and fake young master. Before he knew the situation, he rescued the comatose teenager who fell down in a dark alley. The system that came late "..." Yan Yu listened to the screaming electric sound in his head, he asked the system in a low voice, hello, please send me back, I am not interested in wearing books. The current sound of the system is urgent. You should quickly send the protagonist back to the alley. If you are late, you will not be able to meet the protagonist Gong. Yan Yu's eyes turned around on the young man's body full of old injuries. He shook his phone and refused to say sorry in a warm voice. In such a situation, I think he must call the police besides sending him to the hospital. The system suddenly raised the volume alarm? You have to recognize your identity, the only thing you can do to save the protagonist is the protagonist's attack, otherwise, how can you advance the plot? How to develop feelings? Do you still want to go back? You died on the spot in a car accident, if you don't listen to me... Yan Yu's gentle brows and eyes remain unchanged, he is tired of speaking calmly, destroy it.-------------------------------------------------------------------------CREDITS TO THE AUTHOR -作者:竹北ITS AN MTLNOTHING BELONGS TO METRANSLATION JUST FOR FUN

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A Paranormal Anthology

This is a collection of all things ghostly and creepy. Each chapter is a complete story. Contributing authors include:Janae Mitchell A.G. PorterVanessa EcclesWayne SharpeWe hope you enjoy!A Paranormal Anthology Copyright © 2019 by Janae Mitchell. All rights reserved. www.JanaeMitchell.com

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Excerpts from a my life I'll never tell

this is my outlet for everythingI try,I try so hard but I'm always a mistakeeverything i keep to myselfstories that would never fit in a book

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Queen Of Ice

Book - II of His Possession :" I thought I could learn to love you- I really wanted to. But all you did was use and abuse me- you treated me like one of those women you will sleep with and the next day their dignity was mare trophy showcased to the world. You told me again and again that I was the only one for you. But efforts and love was what you were lacking and I like a blind fool followed you to every corner of the world even to death."He clasped her hands tightly in his- adamant to plead with her to give him a chance. He promised himself he would make it up to her and prove that her love had changed him for the better. He was desperate because the very thought that this was the last chance he had with her made him fearful, just the thought of losing her made his heart ache but his pleadings, tears and wailing proved to be futile as she walked away. He watched her step away from him even when he tried to hold onto her, his hands were freezing cold due to the snow. His tears wouldn't stop and his voice had gone hoarse . His cries falling on deaf ears and not ones did she look back at him as she went further and out of sight. He was left there in the cold stormy night. His wail breaking the peace of the night. But he knew she gave up on him. He knew he lost her forever- "Farewell my sweet love- till we meet again. This time I intend to find you and keep you all to myself." He promised himself.

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Song Lyrics!!!

I have so many songs that I like, and it's hard to keep track of them all and their lyrics. I've decided to make a book of my favorite songs and the lyrics that go along with them.

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La pareja se fue

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The War of Wind and Moon (Season One)

How do you fight evil if death is not the end? Seventeen-year-old Mia trusts no-one. She wants to - she'd give almost anything to be able to - but when your survival depends on the acute awareness of every whim and mood swing of your narcissistic, rage-filled mother, anxiety becomes a default state. Mia has become expert at reading body language, facial expressions, vocal fluctuations - permanently prepared to fight, flee or freeze at the slightest hint of anger, aggression or even just disapproval. Mia's learned it's easier to be alone. But Mia's not alone. When the people children are supposed to be safest with abuse them, it's common to develop this hyper-aware state. Doctors have a name for it: hyper-vigilance.The recruitment scouts at Kazemoto Security (Supernatural Division) have a word for it, too: potential.***Chapters will be posted here on Wattpad as well as its own Wordpress blog and in podcast form (read by me - eek!) on iTunes, YouTube, & SoundCloud. If you'd like to receive an email from me whenever a new chapter is released, and be first to know little extras about the world of WoWaM like: what exactly are Gossips and their fellow Shades? or; what are the real-world inspirations for the international locations we'll visit as WoWaM unfolds? sign up for my WoWaM readers group at www.tinyletter.com/darcyconroyYou'll also be able to send me messages, asking your own questions so that I know what interests you most. I'll do my best to answer as well as I can, as soon as I can (no spoilers, though!)

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Напарники по танцам

Ты красивая и очень активная девушка. Хёнджин спокойный и холоднокровный. Получится ли вам жить счастливо вместе?

758 14 16
Her Broken World

"I advise discretion," he whispered in a hoarse voice, "this woman is now a danger to you." Childhood friends, Marcella and Finley, grew up in a small village on the shore of British Columbia in the early 1890's. It was the middle of a midsummer night when Finley heard screaming from the homes closer to the shores. He and his brothers bolted to the shores to find robbers raiding the homes and setting them on fire, killing the people inside. Finley ran to Marcella's house to find her parents and little brother dead on the floor. The back window was open, and Marcella was nowhere to be seen. After saving his sister from the same men that kidnapped his best friend, Finley went on a frantic search to find Marcella and save her. However, when he found her, her mind is completely cracked; Marcella is not the girl he remembers. This story is split into three chunks. Part one takes place after Finley buys Marcella from the slave trader, Part two tells the story of the girl Marcella once was, and Part three reveals what really happened to Marcella in the time she was in the hands of the slave traders. Were things really all that they seemed to be?

32 1 1
Grayson Smith  | ✔️

Libby Johnson fantasizes of the future. Counting down the days until her high-school graduation, until the day she can whisk herself away from her small town and her nightmares of the day that almost stole her life.Grayson Smith is glued in the past. He constantly is in search of a person to save from his own history. Every day he sits idle in hope of a troubled soul to salvage. Starting fresh in a new school away from his past peers, nightmares loom in his path. When Libby and Grayson meet on the first day of a new semester, Libby is adamant to keep her head down and her words bitter when his smile cuts through her. His words of pleasantries mold into something sour with each day that passes. Libby cannot afford anyone holding her back in the town of Plainsville where the people are drab and the forests hold a thousand secrets.When the pair keep bumping into each other, despite Libby's disapproval, it's uncertain how Libby will escape Grayson and his stubborn ambition of saving her fate. With each coveted meeting in secret hidings, only time proves to Libby that Grayson isn't her enemy and that not every citizen in her home-town wants to suck the good out of her. It's only with Libby that Grayson cam begin to heal the history that wounded him. But as Libby and Grayson's world comes together, the sky brews a storm that only few are estimated to survive.

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Przejść przez brzozowy las

Mistrz i Małgorzata fanfiction | one shot|Olga idzie przez dystopijne miasto do dziwnego domu, żeby zostać czarownicą.Odrobinę bizarne, odrobinę ciepłe, ale i pełne mroku. Który trzeba wykrzyczeć brzuchem.Czyli: historia pewnej histerii.

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