I Don't Mind the Rain Anymore- Jason Voorhees x Reader

I Don't Mind the Rain Anymore- Jason Voorhees x Reader

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Category: Romance
You were an optimistic young woman heading to Camp Crystal Lake with one goal in mind: Help the children. As you loved children, you immediately jumped to volunteer. Unfortunately your colleagues didn't agree. They just wanted to be crude and party. Being the kind soul you were, you did your best to get the camp ready all on your own, with no help from the taunting others. But you couldn't shake the feeling of being watched...

Not knowing about the past history of CCL, will y/n learn the hard way about the infamous killer Jason Voorhees?

⚔️ with special appearance! ;) ⚔️

-OOC stuff but shush okay xD This whole concept is; so just enjoy it, my little riceballs (*^▽^*) -
~Might be an OC x reader feeling but I hope you enjoy regardless. You can change anything to fit your style though! Be creative! ♡♡ (This story is female she/her)~

⚠️ has swears and touchy subjects
⚠️ grodey pervs
(I don't own any horror characters, just my OCs)

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