I Bleed Blue // Detroit Become Human

I Bleed Blue // Detroit Become Human

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Category: Romance
"My name is Connor. I am the android sent by CyberLife"
Connor is a prototype android sent by the foundation CyberLife. He has one mission and one mission only...eliminate all androids who have developed emotions, better known as Deviants. Connor is sent to work along side Lieutenant Hank Anderson of the Detroit Police Department and his daughter Detective Chloe Anderson. Hank is far from pleased when he discover that he'll will be working alongside an android. While Chloe, being young and naive will try to adjust. Through their hardships Hank and Chloe begin to care for Connor,
but he can't care about them. His mission is his most important priority. No matter what, only a deviant can feel emotions... and Connor...is no deviant
(A/N: I followed Jacksepticeye's playthrough because I believed it had the best outcomes from all the playthroughs I've seen including my own play through . Hope you enjoy!)


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