I Became My Ex-Husband's Dog

I Became My Ex-Husband's Dog

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Category: Romance
Title(s): I Became My Ex-Husband's Dog; 我变成了前夫家的狗
Author: Qian Fu (七流)
Status: 54 Chapters (Completed)

"I used to be a scum, until I became a dog of the person I abused."

"I found that I'm really a fucking scum. If I can become a human again, I want to start over with him."

"Forget it, I'll be a dog. It's good to be around him. He might not even want to see me when I became human. Dogs don't live long anyway, I may not live a year or two."

"I died... I changed back..."

Immediately, Du Chen sent a message to Ruan Yu: "Hi? Can we remarried?"

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