How to make your teacher fall in love with you

How to make your teacher fall in love with you

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In an instant his lips were on mine, and without even knowing how, I felt myself succumbing to him. I pulled away quickly, but both of his hands went around me as he caressed my cheek, and then his lips crushed against mine again, this time with much more urgency. I wanted to stop him, but I found that I couldn't. I let myself kiss him and give up what I believed in, after all, it was this that I needed to do if I wanted to succeed in the dare. And to be fair, I didn't really mind, Mr James was more than attractive.

Ella is a typical seventeen year old girl who, on the first day of school, becomes friends with the wrong group of people, who threaten her to flirt with her teacher and make him fall for her. Ella is left with no choice but to do this, and day by day, she tries to get as close to her very attractive art teacher as she possibly could. However, in the midst of this, she starts realising that she actually does like Mr Edward James more than she thinks she ever would.

On the other hand, her teacher struggles to stay away from the student whom he finds himself falling for. And at the same time, he has another struggle: he is being blackmailed by someone who knows all about his dark past, and his present: the interest that he has in a certain student.

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