How to Make a Sinner Sleep

How to Make a Sinner Sleep

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Category: Fantasy
Kaden Chauvet awakes in the same cold room that he remembers, seeing the reflection of pale viridescent eyes that scream curses at his mind.

This is a beginning; a second chance that he would rather forsake than claim.

Time has reversed, and he is back to play the role of an obedient fool-only, he no longer has any intentions of wagging his tail and committing the heinous crimes that he once did.

He will save everyone; and then face his judgement.

The judgement that comes in the raven-scaled hands of the heroic, slightly quiet, and son of the Dragon bloodline, Noah Bellamy.

And yet the man claims, "I want to save you, fool."

And another tearfully cries, "Please don't die. Not again, never again."

And another's graceful voice pleads, "I don't wish to witness your demise again."

Kaden stares, utterly confused. "What?"


One sentence summary: In which a terrible sinner seeks redemption and amusement by relentlessly teasing an irritated dragon.

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