How I Love You (Zac Efron & A Non-Famous Girl)

How I Love You (Zac Efron & A Non-Famous Girl)

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Category: Romance
Zac is an actor and Grace is a normal girl. Fate steps in and brings them together. They fall in love with each other deeply. That's when something happens and their lives are changed forever!

2020 Update:

1. I wrote this book when I was 17, so please excuse any typos or grammatical mistakes. There will be some cringy parts of the book. Just a head's up! πŸ˜‚

2. There's some smut (nothing too graphic), so read at your own discretion.

3. I did not use Zac's last name because I see no point in using his last name because we all know who this story is really about.

4. Vote and comment. It would help more fans to find this book <3

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