How He Fell

How He Fell

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"Who would ever love Medusa?"

"The blind," he whispered.


She was a daughter worth nothing in a family worth everything.

They didn't want her and she was hurt.


On the other side of the same spectrum stood him. Being taken advantage of does a number on many. A childhood is something almost no one forgets and he'll never forget his.

So he took his anger out on the punching bag in the abandoned building each night.

He can't hold all those frustrations in.

Two people broken beyond repair. One too scared and one too angered to just want to be any longer.

But one day, they stumble upon each other.

And Maddox Lohan knew he had to save Evelyn Moreau from the same fall he would not be able to escape.

But was it fair? To show someone a life worth living when he himself did not want to live?


1/11/18 - 10/17/19 [ COMPLETED ]

[ 4 pre-chapters + 35 chapters + epilogue ]

#1 in young adult reads (8/12/19 - 9/20/19)
#1 in boxer (8/23/19 - 9/19/29)
#2 in teen romance (05/01/20-05/03/20)
#29 in teen fiction (03/13/20-03/15/20)

Cover by @xtruebeautyx

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