Hope Is Mine (A Stalker Story)

Hope Is Mine (A Stalker Story)

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Category: Horror
"Desperate people are the most dangerous."

Miracle Hope Carson has nothing more to ask for her life. She may be a nut-head, anti-social potato and with average looks that no one will probably bats an eye. But what's best in her life? Well, If it's not for her very supportive parents who never expects more from her and with her 2 best friends to die for, she possibly had the perfectly imperfect normal life.

She hates attention, so she never expects to draw any coming from anything, especially not from anyone. Unexpectedly, someone has put an interest to her being; and worse... has fallen in love with her. And what about falling in love can possibly go wrong?


Desperate with her affection, her stalker has started to make some twisted actions which led to the destruction of her once-so-peaceful life. Feeling more miserable and helpless day after day, little did she know that there's more to come and the biggest havoc is yet to shattered her slightest glimmer of faith.

When there's no more people to lean to, what will she do? Is she going to stay as a damsel in distress of commending defeat; or will she able to stand up on her own and be a fighter whom her stalker never expects her to be?


Warning: Contains violence, abuse, mature languages, typos and everything that is not suitable for young and immature audiences. Kindly, read at your own risk.

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