Hooked On Pixie Dust

Hooked On Pixie Dust

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Category: Romance
Jane Darling Peter Pan's daughter, Samantha Pan, had been sent to the Isle because she was too naughty and too mischievous for Auradon and Neverland. Everyone on the Isle knew who she was and what she had done but for the first time in forever, Harry Hook had seen a new light in someone his dad would want him to hate. Harry grows very close to her but will he open up his feelings to her?

I own:

Skully - Bones - Jake And The Netherland Pirates

Mako -Sharky - Jake And The Netherland Pirates

Stanly - Skyes - Oliver And Company

Celine - Chernabog - Night On Bald Mountain/Ave Maria

Olivia - Oogie Boogie - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Susan - Shenzie - The Lion King

Bill - Banzai - The Lion King

Elliot - Ed - The Lion King

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