Hold You In My Arms (Stevens book 9)

Hold You In My Arms (Stevens book 9)

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Category: Romance
Fiona Stevens has taken over running the family's ranch. The burden of keeping the Stevens family legacy strong has fallen onto her shoulders. It's not what Fiona dreamed for herself, but then she only ever had one dream, and that was Henry Mercer. Henry Mercer has always seen Fiona as one of the Stevens' girls, beautiful but untouchable. When Fiona's father asks Henry to step in and help Fiona with the ranch, Henry has to say yes. The Stevens are like family, after all. When Henry arrives at the ranch, he is surprised to find that the beautiful girl has turned into a strong, capable woman. However, neither Henry nor Fiona expect their secrets to form an unbreakable bond leading to the love of a lifetime.

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As soon as the maid opened the big front door of my mansion, a little girl appeared in front of me. She have messy blond hair and familiar blue eyes like mine but her face is more like an angel with her large round eyes unlike mine whose sharp and looks intimidating.I looked at my butler beside me, he looked confused. I also eyed the driver waiting for me outside who, in my surprise, averted his eyes.I looked back at the maids in line with an irritated look. This ungrateful brat dared to be in MY WAY!"Who the heck is this maggot's parents?!" I shouted. All the maids jumped in surprise and no one dared to look at me.With no one answering, I faced the child. "This is not an orphanage or police station, go back to where you came from!" Shooing the child in a disgusted tone. I really hate kids.The young girl just look at me with her big blue eyes and smiled. "Papa! Papa!" she shouts as she spread her arms hugging me.What the heck! Who is this child?!
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NOT GOOD WITH THESE JUST READ TO FIND OUT - this was my first book i was like 12-13 so stfu i know it's corny 🤬🤬
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"Why the hell did you tell them that you are my wife?" he whisper yelled at me. I stared at him in disbelief."Answer me you useless" he yelled again."They don't want me to say that I am their daughter and you don't want me to say I am your wife then what should I introduce myself?" I said to him in a calm voice. He distanced himself from me and watched me keenly and again come closer to me " say that you are an orphan" he said with a smirk on his face. I watched him calmly I want to yell, shout but I won't. I lowered my head as tears started to form in my eyes, I can't show it to him. I controlled my tears a.nd raised my head and stared directly at his eyes with emotionless look and nodded my head and whispered "okay" and made my way towards the exit. Am I an orphan? Even with several people's around me? How long should i have to go through this pain?___________________________________________________A story of Adith and Janvi's painful love story. Can Janvi able to bear the pain they give her? Will, he never able to love her?Check my other stories too...Complete story is in Kindle
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"Look at me" He demanded. I flinched at the tone he used but lifted my head to look at him. I stared at the wall behind him. I couldn't look at him. "Into my eyes" He added in the same tone. I took a deep breath and landed my gaze on him. I saw a ghost of a smile form on his lips. He seemed happy but I could see his eyes watering, making his inky blue eye color appear lighter. "You never look at me" He whispered. I could hear a crack in his voice. "Before you I thought I was nothing-" He smiled bitterly, "-but when you look at me I feel like I'm worth something. Weird right?" My heart was beating loudly as he got closer. This is a spin off for Nate from 'Her Guardian'. It can be read as a stand alone but you canread the previous book if you want to get a better understanding of the story
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You ain't fooling meHuh, huh, no, wellWell, well, yeah, ah, ah, ah,Acting needy, Loving money being greedy(Yeah, yeah)And you're lyingOoh, cheatingYou've got me cryingOoh, baby girlAnd you're taking (taking)Giving nothing but shaking(Shaking, shaking, shaking ain't nothing shaking baby)And you're faking (faking) Your love, My heart is breaking, oh, yeahNow tell me who's fooling whoYou ain't fooling meYou're fooling you You're fooling you (You're fooling you)You're fooling you (You're fooling you)You're fooling you (You're fooling you) ooh, oohAh, you're skipping (ah you're moving)All around me and you're schemingYou must think I'm dreamingAh you breaking, You just just keep on shaking,And you're lazy (just like Susan)Don't do nothing, you must be crazyIf you think I'm gonna be slaving(Slaving, slaving, slaving) huhWhile you're playingAh tell me who's fooling whoYou ain't fooling meYou're fooling you You're fooling you (You're fooling you)You're fooling you (You're fooling you)You're fooling you (You're fooling you) You're fooling you, hey, hey, hey, hey You're acting needyBut you're kinda greedy Ain't gonna be slavingNo, not while you're playing, oooh(You might think I'm dreaming)Tell, Tell me who's fooling whoYou ain't fooling me, noI'm fooling youYou're fooling you (Who's fooling who)You're fooling you (You ain't fooling me)You ain't fooling me (You're fooling you)You're fooling you, you, yea babyWho's fooling whoYou ain't fooling meYou thought you had meI'm fooling youYou're fooling you (Who's fooling who)You're fooling you (You ain't fooling me)You ain't fooling me (You're fooling you)You ain't fooling me, me, yeah, yeahWho's fooling whoYou ain't fooling meNah, nah, naw, I'm fooling youYou're fooling you (Who's fooling who)You're fooling you (You ain't fooling me)You fooling you, (You're fooling you)You're fooling you, you, you,''

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