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Dating Mr. Arrogant

Elle wants to go through her last year of high school without drama. Unfortunately, the people around her don't make that easy. Suddenly, she's in the public eye because of a certain arrogant boy, Ace Daniels. His reputation seems to be going downhill, as the scandals mark him as a player of many hearts.Ace's father witnesses that Elle could be the one to tame his arrogant bad boy antics, and he asks Elle to pretend to date Ace for a year in order to keep him and the headlines in check.Content warning: Mature language, bullying
My weight gain

I'm a minor so no sexual comments :))
TGIWS: Phoenix Ryler Velasquez's POV (Completed)

She's the girl that I want to spend my life with. She's the one who's making me damn crazy. She's Darlene Michelle Miranda.
The Non British Princess

As future king, Prince Thomas is set to hold his selection in order to find a wife. 20 girls from the Commonwealth are chosen to compete for his heart in a British selection. One of the lucky girls will become the future queen of England.Enter Isabelle Davis, a romantic, tech savvy girl who doesn't desire more than spending time with family and her dog. And it takes her by surprise when her name is drawn and she's suddenly being whisked away to the palace. Some girls fight for the crown. Some want the riches. But those who have a chance at being the one are the girls after the prince's heart.A series of challenges, girls fights, tears and ball gowns leads to Prince Thomas's choice, but will it be the right one?***•Top Rankings•[#6 in romance][#1 in girl][#1 in royal][#1 in drama][#1 in friends][#2 in selection][#2 in tech][#4 in Britain]Book #1 in my British Selection seriesRead this modern day version of a British Selection, inspired by Kiera Cass's original selection series.πŸ₯€ Some references to Self Harm and Death
A Second Chance

γ€ŒCOMPLETED / UNDER REWRITE」She arrives and befriends the five remaining Ninja. Though who would've known that she would lead them through a series of unexpected events that would change their life for the better... [Takes Place A Year after Seabound]A year has passed since Nya made her big sacrifice. Jay still mourns over her, but, luckily, Lloyd is always there to help him through this stage since he has been in his place when Harumi died. He still blames himself for her death.Kai and Skylor are together, Zane and PIXAL are together, Cole and Vania finally got together after a few more meetings. But Jay and Lloyd are still missing a piece of their heart...Deep down, Lloyd still loves Harumi, but perhaps meeting her will give him a second chance to start over with her. But she wants to bring back Nya as she knows that the Oni are coming back.They set off on an adventure to find an artifact that could reverse the effects of Nya turning into the sea. But on that journey, danger awaits them...Will they succeed in bringing back Nya? Will they defeat the Oni? Will Lloyd forgive her? Can they start over after everything she has done to him?Book 1 of The Prophesied Children | Era 1: RedemptionWritten by Cathe ( @AestheticStory_Cathe )⊱ ─── {.⋅ ✧ ⋅.} ─── ⊰Ships that are contained in this Book...(READ THE TAGS!)⊱ ─── {.⋅ ✧ ⋅.} ─── ⊰Start Date: 13/05/2021Finish Date: 08/07/2021⊱ ─── {.⋅ ✧ ⋅.} ─── ⊰Highest Rankings of 2021:#1 in "Llorumi" out of 200+ stories#2 in "Jaya" out of 3K+ stories#1 in "PIXAL" out of 700+ stories
Loving My Murderous Mate

FORGIVENESS is the best form of love... it takes a strong person to say SORRY and an even stronger person to FORGIVE...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~An angry tear slides down my cheek but I quickly wipe it away."What'd I say?"He asks innocently.My anger bubbles up. How can he act so innocent?!? He destroyed my life and he acts like it never happened!! I try to calm myself but there's no stopping me now..."You didn't SAY anything!! But what you DID was kill my mom and the rest of my family!!" I growl.He growls back and steps forward,"No one uses that tone with me!Not even the Luna! I am your alpha!!"All fear of him vanishes as it is replaced with hatred. I take a step toward him so that our faces were inches apart. I show my canines and snarl at him."I have no alpha!!" Once those words left my mouth, I knew what was coming next. Pain. Kayden grabs me by the throat and lifts me a foot off the ground. His claws puncture my skin and my blood trickles down his arm. He glares at me with his glowing, red eyes. He brings his mouth to my ear and whispers,"You do now."~~~~~~~~Tara smith lived with her very small pack that bordered the most fierce, bloodthirsty pack call the Blood Moon pack. The night that she mysteriously shifted at 15, the Blood Moon pack viciously slaughtered her whole pack except for her. What happens when the most feared alpha of the Blood Moon pack kidnaps her and she finds out they are mates? Will she learn to forgive? What happens when her mate finds out her dark secret that only her Father knew? Will he reject her? WARNING!!! I HAVEN'T EDITED THEM YET! SO EXPECT MISSPELLS AND PUNCTUATION ERRORS!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!GET TO READING!!!!!!Please:VoteCommentFollow
Boot Camp (Movie out Soon!)

From Wattpad story to published book to now a movie! Watch your favorite coming-of-age camp romance come to life on screen on August 2, 2024! After running away from her problems for four years - her inability to run a mile ironically being one of them - Whitney Carmichael knows a fitness camp will kick start some change in her life. Little does she expect her high school archenemy will be there desperately trying to make amends. Or that she'll ditch her wallflower status and find herself at the center of a web of toxic friendships and petty lies.And working out? Yeah, it's not so bad when her new personal trainer, Axel, is pretty easy on the eyes...and she has everything to lose.[Wattys 2015 Talk of the Town winner]
My Dark Knight

In the era where swords rule, where women consider their modesty their greatest virtue. Where a man would kill to find his wife warming another mans bed, a time when women would consider it the greatest of adultery or fornication to warm a bed other than her husbands. A time when an honorable man guards his gaze, for his gaze is solely for his wife alone, as well as his heart. He's feared, ruthless, cold, heartless, manipulative, cunning, a rake. Or so they assume... She's beautiful yet silent, not by a defect, she simply dislikes to mingle with gossip.Yet she has emotional scars that no one sees behind her smile, but a few.Cover by @forcade

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Min rose

KΓ¦re lΓ¦ser. Denne historie er kun et udrag, men jeg regner ikke med at skrive videre pΓ₯ den. FormΓ₯let med historien er kun at se, hvordan denne website fungerer. Men hvis du nu alligevel er interesseret i mere, sΓ₯ kan du fΓΈlge mig, eller skrive hvad du synes. Mvh. Forfatteren af "Min rose"

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Winter Love (Book Three of Snow Secrets)

Winter Love: a Snow Secret Series" "Everyone had heard of the tale of Frozen. About a princess who sacrifices herself for her sister. And a queen born with ice magic.What if the princess never was struck by her sister's magic? What if there was more to the story of Frozen..? My version of Frozen.This is Winter Love: the third installment to Snow Secretsβ–ͺ︎β–ͺ︎β–ͺ︎Rankings:26 in #Popularity (01/07/2022)

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Secuestrado (SugaxJimin)

Una historia de amor de amor entre Jimin y Suga, espero les guste.

644 9 53
twin mates

Alyssa is just like most high school girls other than the fact that she is half vampire. Into boy bands, make up, and hot guys. Before she moves Alyssa is the most popular girl in school. Along with dating the hottest guy there, Joshua. Moving she meets two boys, which just happen to be twins. One is sweet, smart, and funny. The other is mean, arrogant, and an ass. Worst of all the both are her mates. What will happen to Alyssa and her mates?

277.9K 29 7.5K
Jackine one-shots

I know, I'm really late to the Newsies fandom... this is just a bunch of Jackrine one shots.

13.4K 40 189
Zodiac Royalty

Neflia, a really big country with a lot of kingdoms. The big 4 kingdoms, each have its own alliance, but each one of them have their own aim to assassinate one of them in order to gain land, trust, civilization and alliance from other kingdoms and bring peace to their country. What do the crown princes and princesses have to do to able to assassinate their target? Will they fall in love? Will they ever able to assassinate each other? Will they ever bring peace to its own kingdom to risk their happiness? Find out in this book: Zodiac Royalty.Start: July 25th, 2022End:

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The Blessing Of Lennon Morrow (In Editing)

Lennon Morrow is the adopted daughter of Gemma and Clay Morrow, and sister of Jax Teller. Lennon lives with her protective brother and guardian Jax. Follow teenage Lennon as tries to adapt to her family's world while her brother Jax trys to shield her from it. P.S. Lennon doesn't know that she is adopted. Excerpt: "Jax! You need to see this." Opie said impatiently. Jax walked to the trunk. "What is it?" Jax asked as he looked in the trunk. "Jesus Christ." Jax said shocked by what they had just found. "What do we do?" Opie asked.

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Amoral Behavior

Amoral Behavior is rated Mature for some violence, sex references, coarse language, and adult themes.In Melbourne, Australia, the Labor Government decides to ban everything in order to make the country into a moral place in the near future.When a group of underground resistance fighters decide to object to the bans, all hell breaks loose.The new Young Adult Science Fiction novel by Robert Helliger.

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The Burn of Beginning | E.N.D.

Natsu is E.N.D. He didn't want them to know. He knew they would fear him. But the time came when the truth had to be revealed. And it was worse than expected. What will happen....... Natsu wished he knew. ~ "Natsu...." Makarov paused, "Left the guild." Shouts of joy rang out in the air. "The demon's gone!" "Good riddance!" "He always was a monster!!" "A devil!" "A killer!" "A psychopath!!" "A hellhound!!" "A villain." People who knew Natsu well, knew he had never been any of those things. Gray, at the moment, didn't care so much. He had made up his mind. The next time he crossed paths with Natsu, the fire mage would die. So he joined in with the chanting. Battering Natsu with insults, as if they had never even known each other. Erza....Wendy....Elfman, and others, all stood by, watching with keen eyes, not interfering, not chanting, but not defending either. In their hearts they knew who Natsu really was... Not just some demon as others said he was. It was amazing how fear could change people so quickly, and set them against one another. And Natsu....... was the victim.#30 under E.N.D.A NALU AND MAINLY E.N.D. FANFICTION

58.8K 13 1.8K
π“π‘πž 𝐖𝐒𝐧𝐝𝐬 π‡πšπ―πž π‚π‘πšπ§π πžπ || Ninjago x Male Reader

Ninjago x Male Reader"Hey, hello, hi, I'm Y/n L/n Master of Wind" Y/n L/n one of the students that Master Wu failed to save. Y/n sneaks off to the underworld to retrieve his best friend but ends up being crystallized, but time works differently when you're crystallized to an eternal slumber and kept there for two years. When Y/n finally awakens he's forgotten how to use his elemental power and doesn't know what's happened over the two years that he's been imprisoned.|| I Don't Own Ninjago, The Rights Go To Their Respective Owner(s) |||| I Don't Own You || || Disclaimer flower meanings may not be correct |||| Cover by yours truly |||| Slow Burn |||| Please know I write for fun so the writing may not be professional ||Started: 2/24/23Ended: ???

27.8K 15 989