His Temporary Wife ( A Muslim Love Story )

His Temporary Wife ( A Muslim Love Story )

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Category: Spiritual
( Spiritual/Romance )

"Dont worry wifey .. This is just temporary, I have no intentions of keeping a women like you as my wife for real.THIS WILL BE OVER SOON! " He spat on my face with disgust.

"What will be over?" I asked holding back my tears.

"This arrangement sweetie .. The husband wife game we'll be playing for the next few days .. I will divorce you the moment you reach your home and then we'll be free from this meaningless marriage agreement" He replied sternly.

Meet Anaya the 20 years old stubborn Muslim girl living in America.All she ever wished for was a loving family but as they say "The world is not a wish granting factory".When things were falling apart all she could think of was to run .. So she did!

Meet Dubai's largest hotel chain CEO and the youngest business tycoon Asher Ibrahim.He's handsome and very Islamic.All he ever desired was to marry his childhood love Zulafeh but what can one do when your fate is already written and you're supposed to cross paths with a complete stranger.

* Is it a fairytale?

No !! The girl in fairy tales never gets kidnapped, forcefully married and raped by the guy's own relatives.

* So what is it?

This novel is actually the journey of two people with totally different perceptions of love, who learn to discover the new meanings of the four letter word that is now changing their life without them realizing.

Is it really the forceful relationship which is bounding them to fulfill their wedding Vows or has the love cupid already knocked their doors?

Read and find out :)

All rights reserved by Hijabi_dreamer97

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