His Sweet Addiction (BTS ff JJK)

His Sweet Addiction (BTS ff JJK)

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Jungkook and his brothers are the high school bad boys. Jungkook has to sit next to new student Madison whose cheerful personality annoys the hell out of him. Until he finds himself climbing into her bedroom window because he is addicted to her cheerfulness and charm. She may be the only one who sees him for who he really is.

This is a high school AU where the BTS boys are brothers in college and high school. This story only uses their names and likenesses, their personalities are mostly very different. Especially Jimin, I needed a character to have growth. Their ages are adjusted so they could be brothers.

Wattpad has marked this story Mature. I do not think it requires the Mature rating.

This is a fictional story. No part of this story is real in any way.

Please don't copy any part of my story in any form (including Youtube) without my permission.

I own none of the rights to the pictures, they are clipped from various places on the internet. I would love your comments, suggestions and/or corrections if you find mistakes. This is the second story I've ever written.

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