His Replaced Bride

His Replaced Bride

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Crystal Collins, 19 year old beautiful, brave and cheerful girl who has been through a lot in her past but still standing strong in front of her destiny. She is the kind of girl, whom you can't manipulate easily. She is an A grade student in her college. She is kind, honest, humble and most importantly very much clumsy girl. She can even fall in a plane field. She is doing a part time job as an assistant of a famous designer to pay her bills as her father and step mother kicked her out of their house when she nine year old. At this point of her life the only thing she want is to complete her college and get herself a better job. But never in her wildest dream she imagined to get married to a complete stranger who is a hot and dashing billionaire.

Dante Knight, 25 year old hot, handsome and arrogant billionaire who gets everything he desire. He is not your regular playboy neither his heart is broken by some cunning ex gold digger girlfriend. His work is his passion. He can work 24/7 if he wants to. His world revolves around his his family and his work only. He really hates it when someone makes even a slightest mistake in their work. He like perfection in his work. At this point of life the only thing he desire is to became more successful in the business world. That's the reason he agreed to get hitched with Maddison Kingsley, daughter of his dad's business partner, because of a contract. But never in his wildest dream he imagined to get married to a complete stranger who is gonna bring colors in his boring life.

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6 people, 6 lives, 6 hearts, and 3 couples, fighting for love and enduring pain to get it. Alpha males claiming their women, hidden feelings, burning passion, haunting past, guilty mistakes, and the devotion to have their love.The story about a joint family who lives together with unity and peace....but fate put relations to the test and in the end, we know who was loyal to us or not.....A story about passion, innocence, love, hate, hurt, betrayal, misunderstanding, determination, and dedication ....people who love with heart and souls... Ahl-e-Dil (اہلِ دل)Jo shor hua hai mehfil main Hijr-e-yar ka kissa haiAe logo kuch tu reham karo yeh Ahl-e-dil ka hissa hai(Written by me❤️🙈)Check the book for more details.

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