His Rejected Mate#WattyAwards2016(Under Construction)

His Rejected Mate#WattyAwards2016(Under Construction)

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Category: Werewolf
(Old description got somehow deleted.This is a new shorter description but the story is not changed!)

⚠⚠WARNING BEFORE YOU READ: I WROTE THIS BACK WHEN THE WHOLE WEREWOLF THING WASN'T AS CLICHE AND I WAS LIKE 12 😭⚠⚠ (every year that goes by is me cringing out of existence, I wanna delete cause it's just..too cringe at this point to revise ngl. but some people like it and some don't and it's one of my first books fr )

Shifting at the young age of six Christina Rosewood didn't have the best life growing up.
Not only does her pack mistreat her,her father blames her for mother's death.What happens when she finds her mate and he rejects her and gets married to another?

*Sigh*I like the old description better.


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