His Possession | #1✔

His Possession | #1✔

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* When a Good girl meets a Bad boy, things are about to get cheesy and cute*

when Amelia Greene heard the rumours about the new Bad Boy in town, she was curious but what she didn't know was that her dog Hulk would work in some twisted way to make her path cross with the Bad Boy itself.

When they meet, his possessive instinct kicks in making Zander King mark her as his and only his.

But what if Amelia Greene like someone else?

What if he vowed to make her his forever?

What if someone else takes an interest in Amelia?

But as it's always said "Life is not a bed of roses" and theirs aren't too.

Warning:- Typos, errors, terrible grammar; enough to make you cringe and throw your phone against the wall.

You've been warned.

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